IPhone 3 has started production in March, the price moving

2022-05-27 0 By

Apple has largely kept up its annual rhythm of releasing a new iPhone, which is aimed at the high-end and relatively expensive.For example, apple launched the iPhone13 series last year. The hardware configuration of the iPhone13 series is equipped with A15 processor, which adopts the 5nm+ process, and supports the 120Hz screen with high refresh rate. Besides, the battery capacity is upgraded, the battery life is greatly improved, and the camera function is also upgraded.IPhone13 series mobile phones in the case of hardware configuration upgrade volume without price increase, iPhone13 series mobile phone launch is also favored by users.Next, Apple will launch a new iPhone equipped with A15 processor, the same processor as the iPhone13 series. This is the iPhone E3 book. According to foreign media reports, Apple will hold a new product event in March to launch the iPhone E3 phone.Apple has started mass production of the iPhone SE3, which is expected to be available in mid-to-late March.The 2022 iPhone ese is the third iPhone 3. Generally speaking, the upgrade of iPhone 3 is relatively small. The hardware configuration of iPhone 3 will be equipped with A15 processor, the same processor as iPhone13 series, and the support for 5G Internet access will be added.The iPhone ESE series is a cost-effective version of Apple’s iPhone, and the price will be touching. According to foreign reports, the starting price of iPhone 3 books is 399 DOLLARS (about 2545.62 yuan), which can be said to be increased without increasing the price, and I believe it will be liked by users.Speaking of high-priced phones, there are many high-priced android phones, such as RedmiK series, which redmi will launch on February 16th.The RedmiK50 series will come in different hardware configurations, including qualcomm snapdragon 870 processor, qualcomm snapdragon 8Gen1 processor, breguet 8000 and breguet 9000 processor versions.According to foreign sources, the starting price of RedmiK50 series phones is also 1,999 yuan, the same as the previous generation, but it should be noted that the redmi50 standard edition is equipped with qualcomm snapdragon 870 processor.And RedmiK40 mobile phone Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor version has been reduced to the new low price, RedmiK40 mobile phone is 6.67 inch screen design, using the front center hole design;Rear 48 megapixel main lens +8 megapixel ultra wide Angle lens +5 megapixel telephoto macro lens three shots, front 20 megapixel camera.Built-in 4520 mah capacity battery, X-axis motor and Dolby panoramic sound dual speakers, NFC, IR and 33 w fast charge.At present, RedmiK40 mobile phone down to the new low 8+128GB version only 1799 yuan, and 12+256GB high version only 2049 yuan, is a good time to buy.