Foreign media: Omicron was detected in white-tailed deer in the United States, which may be a potential source of the new virus strain

2022-05-27 0 By

According to the New York Times and Sky News on February 7, researchers have identified a highly contagious strain of omicron in white-tailed deer on Staten Island, making them the first wild animal to be infected with the disease.According to the study, there is multiple evidence of novel Coronavirus infection in white-tailed deer, and deer widely distributed throughout the United States and living near humans are likely to be new hosts of Novel Coronavirus infection as well as potential sources of new mutant strains of coronavirus.The USDA has found cases in 15 states, including New York, where deer were infected with the early omicron variant, said Lindsay Cole, apHIS spokeswoman.Studies have shown that deer can pick up novel coronavirus infections from humans and then spread them to other deer.There is currently no evidence of transmission of the virus from deer to humans, but the novel Coronavirus, once it has been circulating widely and for a long time in deer, will have more opportunities to mutate and may give rise to new variants of the virus that may spread to humans or other animal species.”The spread of the virus in deer gives it an opportunity to evolve,” says Vivek Kapoor, a professor of microbiology and infectious diseases at Penn State University. “New viruses are likely to attack us in the future.””Omicron is everywhere,” notes Dr. Mubareka, a microbiologist and irus specialist at Sunning Hospital in Toronto.The researchers also stressed that the best way to prevent deer from becoming novel Coronavirus hosts is to contain the spread of the virus in humans.The discovery of the Omikron strain in deer is a reminder that “COVID-19 is not over,” said Dr. Kupijdi, a veterinary microbiologist at Pennsylvania State University.(Source: Overseas Network)