Dilieba’s hairline problem was revealed while she was on the set, in front of a crowd of onlookers

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At present, Dilieba is working with Tong Dawei to film The Public Prosecution Elite, which is the subject matter dilieba seldom touched before, and it is a serious drama. If this type of TV drama is shot well, it can be hit for awards and also remove the bad reputation after water.Because of the publicity, Dilieba has often been spotted on the set. In the latest scene, Dilieba was filming a running scene, and dilieba was doing all of the exhausting scenes in one shot.Running accidentally revealed hairline problems, female stars basically have hairline problems, Dilieba is no exception, because of running, Dilieba’s forehead is all exposed, it looks bright forehead is very eye-catching, but Dilieba is fully involved, without the burden of female idol.The speed of running is very fast, with all my efforts, I don’t care about the hairstyle being blown, so I can pass once, so that the director and the staff are also satisfied.There are a large number of onlookers, so we can understand the psychological quality of actors. They need to get into the feelings of the role without being interfered by onlookers. Therefore, the general live-action shooting is a test of actors’ investment and acting skills.Dilieba was praised by the audience for being so good at running and chasing people.There is also the scene with the male actor, the crowd is shot secretly, the Angle is not good, the video is blurred, but you can still see dilieba’s delicate features.The dress of Dilieba’s new play is basically simple and neat, as there are a lot of running scenes, which also fit the character’s work set.Makeup is very light, really support Dilieba to transform into a powerful actor, less contact with idol drama, expand their own theatre.Before because age arrived, to early transition, to take the general play often ridiculed, so now to shoot drama to reverse the audience the impression that the actress at a certain age, the scene is the second, the script and the team cooperation is very important, otherwise like NiNi red carpet every time is not work, no work in circles very embarrassed, Dillon heat should study like li-ying zhao, hurry up.Like Song Zu ‘er on the open, can play a married mother supporting role, but all of a sudden to enhance the acting reputation.See Dillon hot bar of the play is also very seriously, to wear the uniform of the appearance is too have feelings, Dillon hot belonged to once received for the role of can let a person feel acting, since not gifted actor, so learn to choose and give up high paid script, easily more than playing the roles of some hard but cast a good work and this can go further inside the circle,Now the entertainment industry is also changing, a little effort will be replaced by silence, Dilieba is now on the rise, all aspects of the good look forward to the early broadcast of the feature.# Dilieba take a shot across the # dilieba hairline # dilieba