Comparing the cost and advantages of studying abroad

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“As of August 9th, tens of thousands of COVID-19 diagnoses in the United States exceeded 500!”With the continuous spread of pneumonia in the United States, more and more Students who want to go abroad for postgraduate study are turning their eyes to France, Australia and other popular countries for postgraduate study.According to the 2020 Chinese Study Abroad White Paper released in 2021, in 2019, the proportion of people who tend to study in the UK increased to 41%, only 2% away from the US. After the outbreak of pneumonia, France also immediately caught up with the US, becoming a bigger “hot demand” for studying abroad.The total number of UK undergraduate applications for 2020 has reached a four-year record of more than 650,000, according to a new round of UCAS applications.In this way, there is no doubt that the application for study in the UK will lead to a wave of market competition.UCAS announced 652,790 undergraduate applications in the UK in the year to June 2020.Go abroad to read graduate school to arrive station, is it true that only the United States and Britain is the best choice?Today, senior brothers will give you a summary of the cost of studying abroad in the popular countries in the world, analyze and summarize the key advantages of studying abroad for a master’s degree, and see which promising countries are very worthy of studying abroad for a master’s degree?Where do you think it’s going to go better?Top international cultural and educational standards of the United States: in the 2021QS world university Top100 rankings, the United States has more than 20 universities, and 5 of the Top10 universities.Whether it is teaching facilities, the quality of teachers, or the teaching environment, the United States is second to none in the world.Flexible GPA rules: Gpa is enough to graduate from college without doubling or tripling the length of time and training costs.Fair and equitable award/Scholarship rules: No matter you are a local student or an overseas student, you can apply for academic scholarship only if you have achieved excellent performance in all aspects.How to choose a major at will: Many colleges in the United States in the first and second year of college, students do not require the establishment of a technical major, to the third and fourth year of college to choose a major (some unique curriculum content), so that students have enough time to consider their own interests and future development.02 France short length of study: The majority of postgraduate students in France are one-year, which is more economical than the country where 2-3 years of postgraduate study is mandatory.Quality education quality: France’s education level is self-evident in the world today, in the 2021QS global university rankings, Top10 foreign universities occupy 4.At present, the majority of students studying in the UK choose to study masters.Excellent teaching strategy: The British education method continues to comply with the requirements of social development companies, and takes the specific requirements of social development as the orientation of classroom teaching. It is not easy to get out of step with The Times. The aim is to cultivate comprehensive talents with multi-directional development trends.Safety precautions: France has a very safe natural environment for studying abroad. For every foreign immigration staff, strict fingerprint identification is used for the record.Australia’s first-class education level: Australia’s sound training system can ensure that students receive excellent cultural education, and business majors, engineering projects and other majors are leading in the world today.Cost effective: compared with the Average of the United States and France, the cost of studying abroad must be about 300,000 yuan per year, and the cost of studying abroad in Australia is about 200,000 yuan per year.Suitable immigration investment country: in Australia, study abroad personnel only after obtaining undergraduate diploma, stay to Work in Australia for a year, you can apply for Canadian immigration, or get permanent resident real identity.Country: Australia has a total of 39 universities, including two private universities, and Singapore has a total of 8 public universities, ranking firmly in the world’s top 500 universities.Short duration of study: The vast majority of undergraduate courses in Australia and New Zealand take three years, saving one year compared with students in China.Individuation of course content: The teaching method of AUS New Zealand adopts the way that students learn to think, and improves team spirit according to the method of working group cooperation.Spain and the Netherlands are becoming more and more preferred destinations for Chinese students to study in Europe, not only because of their beautiful natural environment, but also because of the cost of studying in other countries in Europe, more cost-effective.France, France, France: famous European study country France is the world’s fourth largest economic power, highly developed industrial production countries, economic strength in the European area.France is the world’s first destination for vacation tourism, France in several industries can not be underestimated.Hotel management service has always been the most popular major in France, and has become a popular country for Chinese students to study in Europe due to its sound social security system, high teaching level, many internship opportunities and other factors.06 Cheaper in Asia: Compared with European and American countries and other countries, the cost of studying abroad in Asia is much cheaper.There is no obstacle in the exchange of culture and art: Malaysia, Singapore and other countries have a lot of Chinese immigrants and investment, the corporate culture of Japan, South Korea and other countries also have a lot in common with the great Chinese civilization.Therefore, whether the transportation distance is close or the cultural exchange is not hindered, all are the main factors to attract Chinese students.The technical specialty has remarkable advantages: animation design from Japan, clothing and luxury brand design from Korea, hotel management, service and accounting from Singapore, songs and art from Ukraine, and application and equipment manufacturing technology from Russia, all of which are of the top level in the world.To learn more