China’s deputy Ambassador to the United Nations urged Haiti to improve its governance capacity

2022-05-26 0 By

United Nations, February 18 (Xinhua) –Dai Bing, Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, urged Haiti to improve its governance capacity at a security Council meeting on Haiti on Monday.Dai bing said that over the past four months, the crisis in Haiti has continued to ferment, causing widespread concern among the international community and regional countries.China calls on the political leaders of Haiti to increase their sense of urgency, earnestly assume the responsibility of governing the country and enable the people to live a decent and stable life at an early date.A stable political structure is a necessary prerequisite for solving Haiti’s problems, and without a competent government that is widely accepted by the people, nothing else is possible.All parties in Haiti should carry out inclusive dialogue as soon as possible, reach agreement on political arrangements for the transition period and come up with a realistic and feasible election plan and timetable.He said easing the humanitarian crisis and stabilizing the economy are urgent tasks facing Haiti.China hopes that the international community will continue to provide humanitarian and economic assistance to Haiti.At the same time, it should be noted that Haiti has not established effective economic governance institutions, resulting in substantial loss of tax revenues, including tariffs, and greatly limiting the government’s ability to provide basic public services.Haiti must overcome institutional obstacles to economic governance as a necessary condition for sustainable development.Gang violence remains a major security challenge in Haiti.To solve the chronic disease of gangsters, it is necessary to address both the symptoms and root causes, not only to improve the professional ability of police to protect the safety of people and effectively crack down on gangsters’ activities, but also to block the channels through which gangsters illegally obtain weapons and funds, and cut off the interest chain between political forces and gangsters.He said the United Nations system has poured billions of dollars of development aid into Haiti for years, but it has not had the desired effect.Relevant agencies should enhance communication and form synergy.Regional countries and organizations have the best understanding of Haiti’s national conditions and are in a favorable position to play a constructive role.China supports countries and organizations in the region in playing a greater role in promoting dialogue among the Haitian people and combating drug and arms trafficking and illicit financial flows.China is ready to work with members of the Security Council and relevant parties to explore the best way to provide pragmatic, effective and sustainable support to Haiti and push It to embark on the road of independent development at an early date.(after)