The wild onion common in the mountains, leaves can be exported, the price is unimaginable, seeds up to nearly 1,000 yuan per jin

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Some people don’t like smelly food, others like it.It must be acknowledged that plants with their own fragrance are nature’s best gifts.Its spicy fragrance, always can like the appetite of the people open, even rice, also can eat two bowls more.On the dank slopes above 1,000 meters above sea level, there is a plant with a strong spicy flavor, which has the unusual name of hosta leaf leek.But compare with traditional leek, it appears very additional kind again, so people also call it day leek.But at the end of the day, it’s shancong that fits its temperament.Although it is a wild plant, its value is not “wild” at all, but extremely valuable.It is said that the spring onion will be exported to many countries in the mature season every year, and even foreigners have a special liking for it.Thus, the value of green onion is very high.Green onion grows mostly in northeast and north China, and is widely distributed.In terms of leaves alone, it looks more like a hosta because the leaves are particularly large and oval in shape.A single green onion leaf, about the size of a palm, is between 16cm and 22cm long and between 11cm and 15cm wide.If measured accurately, the blade is bigger than the palm of your hand.In this way, it and the name of hosta leaf leek, really some do not touch the edge, after all, leek leaves are slender.It may be because of the large leaves. A green onion has only one or two leaves.Speaking of which, you must wonder why there is such a large demand for green onion leaves abroad.It has to go back to the taste of the shallots, which have a very special aroma, unlike normal shallots.It has both the aroma of shallots and the pungency of garlic, and a bite of shallots will create a different texture in the mouth.The amazing thing is that the first bite is sweet, and the second bite is spicy.It is well known that foreigners love to eat barbecue, especially in South Korea, which is definitely the ceiling of barbecue.They import shallots to wrap their barbecued meat, and in just one bite, they love the taste.In addition, green Onions can also be made into kimchi. Korea is also famous for its kimchi technology.It is said that the price of scallions is not cheap even though they don’t know it, they will be able to cross the sea and reach another country one day.Just like this, the side confirms the taste of spring onion, otherwise it would not be so popular.Of course, domestic food lovers, can not miss such delicious.As a native plant, the consumption of green onion in China is also very high, but friends in the south rarely eat it.In addition to transportation reasons, there is also the difference in regional and food culture. Southerners prefer light flavor, while the taste of green onion is indeed a bit bold and unrestrained.In the north, there are so many ways to eat green Onions that I have no friends.The easiest way to eat it, of course, is salad, which maximizes the nutrition and taste of spring Onions.Another is to use it with different ingredients, such as eggs, bacon, are the best partner.By the way, if you make dumplings, steamed buns, the taste is very good.We all know that the value of weeds is not cheap, mountain green nature can not drag back.Studies have found it to be really nutritious, a weed for both food and medicine.Contains 18 kinds of amino acids needed by the human body, as well as 12 kinds of minerals, it can be seen that eating mountain green often is still of great benefit to the body.In Traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese onion can also be used as medicine. It has the effect of clearing intestines and detoxifying and dispersing blood stasis and analgesia.If you feel pain anywhere, pick one or two green Onions, crush them and apply them directly to your skin.As the export of shallots increased, more people saw its commercial value and thought that planting shallots was also a good way to get rich.Every Year in May and June, many merchants will buy, and the sales volume is guaranteed, which is a great encouragement to the growers.However, in the past two years, mountain onion seeds are also rising, it is said that the price of a catty is as high as 800 yuan, the price is very expensive.Fortunately, the production of green onion is very high, and the acquisition price is not cheap, after careful comparison, the profit is still very considerable.Although the domestic popularity is not high, but the demand abroad, or very big.Think of a word, especially suitable for this kind of wild grass, that is, “flowering inside the wall, incense outside the wall”.It is said that there are also a lot of enterprises, especially for green Onions, that is, a large number of acquisitions and exports in May and June, alone, the annual output value of exports, up to thousands of tons of it.If you’re lucky enough to see a green onion outdoors, you can dig it up and take it home.Prepare a pot of the right size, and then start planting green Onions on the road, do not underestimate its vitality, to flower, seed or very likely.With just one or two leeks, you can harvest so many seeds that you’ll be self-sufficient.Remember that spring Onions taste best in May and June, but they will age after July and taste much less delicious.