The Flower market in Cheng ‘an county is very busy during the Spring Festival

2022-05-25 0 By

During the Spring Festival, cheng ‘an county flower market gradually lively, all kinds of “midnight flowers” quite popular.Recently, the reporter visited cheng ‘an County flower market found that large and small wholesale flower garden and flower shop flowers in full bloom, brilliant publicity, the public hang around them, for the New Year to buy flowers, green plants, potted.A customer told reporters: “Chinese New Year, I came to the flower shop to look around, buy a few POTS of flowers to put at home, happy happy.I originally wanted to buy flowers, but considering it is not easy to keep, I chose fugui bamboo in the end.Succulents, kumquat trees, azaleas, bamboos…Full of beautiful things in eyes, flower shop owner Ms Zhang tells a reporter, in order to welcome the arrival of the Spring Festival, flower shop from November began to buy a lot of flowers and green plants potted, like azalea, happy tree, peace tree, anacarpal and other hundreds of varieties, ready to meet the demand of citizens to buy and buy.The florist said, “Many customers come here and say that they can’t go out because of the epidemic, so they come to buy some flowers to decorate their homes and enhance the atmosphere. They can also relax and water the flowers when they are free.”Visit cheng an county flower market reporter discovers, as in previous years roughly same, the variety such as rhododendron, butterfly orchid, rich seed, cymbidium, Antares is still in demand.”During the Spring Festival, there are many customers who like to buy fresh flowers, such as phalaenopsis, rhododendron, bonsai and so on.Here, we also give some suggestions to customers who like flowers but are not good at raising them. You can choose floating buckets, which do not need to be taken care of. It is especially festive and can set off the atmosphere of Chinese New Year.”As living standard rises ceaselessly, the concept of people also is changing ceaselessly, buy flower to decorate a room, highlight festive atmosphere of festival, become fashionable more and more.New Year new atmosphere, with the help of flowers also wish us a better life this year.Source: Walk into Cheng ‘an