Sun conveys: “high mountain and flowing water” seek bosom friend

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As an old saying goes, “the string is the most important among the eight notes, while qin is the most important.” Guqin, as the main representative of Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments, has a history of more than 3,000 years.The seven strings connect ancient and modern times and resonate with guqin art. Listen to the relationship of Guqin conveyed by Sun, the representative inheritor of Guqin art of Intangible cultural heritage of Rizhao.Sitting in the upright room, Sun Conveyed quietly stroked the piano. All around was quiet, only the sound of the music was quiet.Sun, who studied folk music in college, is very sensitive to Musical Instruments. In 2006, he got a chance to play guqin and was moved by the ethereal and elegant guqin music.”In 2006, I got to know Mr. Wang during the training of The Chinese National Orchestra Society in Beijing. He was teaching guqin in the training department at that time. The first song I learned from him was Xian Weng Cao.”After the training, Sun learned guqin successively from many teachers and gradually formed his own playing style.”The sound of guqin makes me calm down and do a lot of things. At the same time, the sound of guqin inspires us to do everything very carefully.””Qing, slight and distant” is the realm of Guqin and sun’s pursuit of conveying his heart.Each note of guqin is not precise and fixed, and it changes with the mood of the player. Sun Chuanzhong is not limited to traditional guqin music, but combines sunshine elements and his own understanding of the music to carry out appropriate artistic treatment and processing.”No matter which school it is, we have to be a musician from the point of view of music, to express the meaning of the music, the expression of things completely to others.”In the long music, Sun Has been committed to the spread and development of guqin art, including public benefit classes, guqin art collections and concerts. Through efforts, more and more rizhao citizens have come into contact with guqin, learned guqin, and fell in love with the art of guqin.”Before, when my child was learning to play ‘One Laugh of the Sea’, I felt the sound of guqin was very deep, low and comfortable. Later, I followed my child to learn it, and it gave me the feeling that my heart is always quiet.””Said Zhu Meiling, one of Sun’s students.Now, more than 200 people are learning guqin from Sun, and it is no longer difficult to find a good friend when playing the guqin.As a non-inheritor, Sun Has new plans for the dissemination of guqin art.”We want to introduce guqin into the campus, set up a guqin club, so that students from other places can feel and learn, and expand our guqin further to expand the province and even the whole country.”With a deeper understanding of guqin, Sun Became more and more obsessed with the process of sound search and exploration, and he began to lead his team to try the skills of guqin.”The north is different from the south, there is heating, guqin will also appear cracks, will burst, collapse, we are now starting to research and development including the production of guqin qin, so it is also convenient for our students to repair the qin in the future.As a Chinese saying goes, “Peace of mind means silence, and there is no ancient or modern music in between.” Sun relays himself with the guqin. He continues the guqin culture with love, and also brings guqin into more people’s lives.At present, he is setting up a new folk music art troupe to bring new vitality to the art of guqin through the ensemble of guqin and other instruments.”We are now presenting new folk music to the public through the way of art troupe, including guqin and other Musical Instruments ensemble.The establishment of the art troupe also marks the rapid development of rizhao’s folk music, including guqin.”(Anqi Qin Chen, Rong Media reporter of Rizhao Radio and TELEVISION Station)