Does sleeping in separate rooms hurt your relationship?The more a man can endure, the more obvious the answer

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Mr Qian Zhongshu once compared marriage to a besieged city, people who enter the besieged city want to come out, and people outside the city crowded broken head also want to go in.The truth is obvious, many people think that marriage is the most perfect end of love, if two people really love each other, then in the end they must join hands into marriage, if a love can not go to marriage this step, always look sad.However, the reality is always cruel, there are a lot of married people realize the marriage of many helpless and forced, sometimes, not you don’t want to close to each other, but because of a variety of reasons, the feelings between two people have been affected, and finally lead to a rift between husband and wife feelings.Do not know when to start, a lot of couples opened a new mode of life, that is sleeping in separate rooms, perhaps is now the family conditions are good, conditions have, then sleeping in separate rooms is not a problem.Some couples have to sleep in separate bedrooms because they have to take care of their children while their partner works at home.There are also some couples because of some conflicts in their marriage life, there is bad blood in their hearts, so they developed from the cold war to sleep in separate rooms.Some people say that sleeping in separate rooms will not affect the feelings of husband and wife, but let each have more freedom and time, but some people feel that the feelings between husband and wife two people besides to experience runnin, but also the indispensable intimacy of the close close, so perennial sleeping in separate rooms of the husband and wife is bound to affect feelings.As a matter of fact, the answer a woman wants depends on a man’s attitude. The more a man can endure, the more obvious the answer will be.01 “just began to feel very easily, then feel apathy” zhang more than forty years old, and his wife get married for nearly twenty years, now sleeping also have ten years of time, when asked this question, Mr Zhang smiled wryly, he says no hurt feelings, because there is no love between husband and wife two people have already, leaving the family.At the beginning, the economic condition of the family was not good, my wife always complained that the house was not big enough, not enough room, at that time still lived with her in-laws, after having a child, it was difficult to turn around.Better material life to give the wife, also to realize at the outset to her commitment, Mr Zhang is more and more spell on the career, even if work overtime to midnight everyday also do not displease tired.A few years later, the couple moved to a big house and the in-laws moved out. There were more rooms and fewer people in the house, and the quality of life was obviously improved. Mr. Zhang felt relieved and felt that he could finally give his wife an explanation.But the feelings of two people began to produce subtle changes however, especially after his wife chose to stay at home full-time, Mr. Zhang felt that there was no common topic with her more and more to talk about.Sometimes he was tired when he got home after working overtime. He just wanted to relax, but his wife always pestered him about the conflict between himself and his mother-in-law.In his wife’s mind, however, it was zhang’s irrelevance that irritated her. She felt unappreciated and ununderstood, and sometimes, when pushed, she would send Zhang to sleep in the living room.Mr. Zhang’s heart is angry however, oneself added a piece of bed in the study, moved to the study to live actively, but relaxed and comfortable a lot of, have a job to deal with, do not have a job when he sees a movie or choose a favorite book, sleepy sleep, pour also saved a lot of trouble.Time is long, Mr Zhang and his wife, although reconciliation, but is the way the sleeping by default, two people were often hidden in the heart, no one is willing to communicate and talk, in the heart of a knot in one’s more and more big, although marriage is sustained, but obviously, two people have less between husband and wife should have wild and intimacy.As Mr. Zhang himself said, in fact, the perennial between husband and wife sleeping in separate rooms, may feel relaxed and comfortable at the beginning, but what is marriage?Isn’t it mutual trouble?Less each other that “drag”, but feel empty in the heart.Perennial sleeping in separate rooms, two people of husband and wife less before going to bed chat and communication, understanding of each other is less, nature is not conducive to the deepening of feelings of husband and wife.In real life, not every family can live a happy life, or not every family has the conditions for the husband and wife to sleep in separate rooms.For example, Mr. Song, who was born in the countryside, seems to have used up all his luck to enter the university. After graduating from university, he stayed in the city, but his parents could not borrow money and his own income was not much. He could only buy a small house, which was simply divided into two bedrooms, and then he married his wife.The life after marriage, the trifling of full ground chicken hair crushed the hope of two people of husband and wife to the future gradually, even if had had at the beginning again how beautiful good carefree think, but the pinch on economy lets two people face each other gradually little not blame and blame.Especially after the child is born, sometimes the old person can come to help, originally very crowded two-bedroom appears to have no place more foot, want to know, after having the child, the trifling thing in the home is more.Mr. Song usually works from morning to night, all depends on a good night’s sleep, otherwise during the day when the work will be tired, frequent mistakes.Later, in order to have a better rest at night, Mr. Song had to move to the living room by himself. Sometimes the old man was not there, and his wife wanted to let him sleep in the bedroom, but Mr. Song was always woken up by the crying sound of the child at night, so he had no choice but to go to another room to sleep.Later, as the children grew older, Song began to sleep in a room by himself, but he did not want to live with his wife any more. He felt that he was no longer interested in living with his wife, so he put up with sleeping in separate rooms.If you ask yourself, do you still love your wife, Mr. Song gave a positive answer, but although love, but obviously did not have the original impulse and passion, but more habit and dependence, know that although sleeping in separate rooms, but can not accept the real separation with that person.In fact, a lot of times, the situation inside the marriage is not the same, there is no comparison, such as sleeping in separate rooms this matter, some couples are really forced to do, and some couples because there are bad feelings in the heart, anyway, sleeping in separate rooms is just a form of expression, not really can represent the only standard of husband and wife feelings.Frequent communication between husband and wife, understanding each other, understanding each other, is the right way to get along with husband and wife.END.