Banu is eating with a smile on his face

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Last night, I came to Banu for dinner with two families of my friends.It was nearly six o ‘clock when I arrived at the restaurant. There was already a line of 11 tables in front of me. I had to wait almost an hour and a half for a table.Spring Festival people do not stay at home to cook, restaurant people unexpectedly so many.Think is the wallet silver enough, not poor money bar.According to my wife, there are more people in Wanda, so I can’t wait.In waiting for this period of time, I just wrote last night about the beginning of spring that article, also calculate to make full use of, did not waste time.Once it’s your turn to serve, the waiters quickly clear the table, wipe the table, then quickly bring the bottom of the pot and set new dishes.I’ll get you an apron. I’ll be back with the food cart.That is really fast, except haidilao, in other restaurants can not see, I was dazzled.When I was waiting, the waiter asked me to order first. I thought it was not too late to order after sitting at the table, just like before. I ordered by myself after seeing what everyone ate.The waiter said, there are too many guests, now order the bottom of the pot and some dishes, after a turn to serve the food faster.I’m afraid everyone’s getting hungry waiting so long.Looking at a row of about ten or twenty men and women waiting for dinner later than I came, all smiling, waiting for food is also a kind of happiness, also do not feel long, because the heart is full of good expectations ah.And on the offensive.All I can say is that Banu is doing a good job. Like Haidilao, it seems that the business is going to be successful, and people are willing to spend their time waiting on an empty stomach to prove it.Food quality is one thing, taste is another, service is another.Of course, there is another side: because there are too many guests, the noisy environment can not be solved, people who care about the dining environment will not come here.Nowadays, competition in the service industry is too fierce, and people’s tastes are so picky. It is impossible to be so successful if one is not good at something.Like haidilao Banu business such a good hotel, do not know how many times a day, the waiter busy, but really feel practical.This is just like the present China, everyone is busy, just struggle, hard work, roll up the sleeves to work hard, day after day, year after year in the fireworks, imperceptibly life has been better, social development has changed with each passing day, the country has been in great strides forward in today is not what it used to be.The first Hokkien song sounds good: three days doomed, seven love struggle, love will win.How could someone like me, who feels most of the food tastes good, wait here?Any restaurant would satisfy my stomach.I don’t have too many requirements for material things. I still stay in the era of having enough to eat and warm clothes. I have fallen behind.In fact, the country is also advocating to constantly meet the growing material and cultural needs of people, promoting the upgrading of consumption and social products.There are always people who love to consume, otherwise where can the market prosper and how can the retail market drive?Where does GDP come from?How can society talk about progress?It is best to consume moderately or conditionally.Personal consumption habits are different, wallet bulging is different, shopping malls have high-grade middle and ordinary, to meet the consumer needs of different customers, but all products are everything, only you can’t think of, there is no market can not do.Even in the remote mountain market, the goods are still rich and colorful.As a Chinese, happiness is so ah.China has earned its name as the workshop of the world.Those who leave China to pay less, went to such as Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand’s giants, as a product production blocked, I miss the benefits of China again: human resource is rich, skilled workers, bears hardships and stands hard work, supply chain integrity, fast freight, service attitude is very good, the market efficiency.It’s coming back.Welcome back. If you leave, you win, you lose. Think about it.If I had known so, why should I have.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which attracted the attention of the world, have opened with spectacular scenes, rich imagination, colorful programs and climaxes.A year’s plan starts with spring. I believe athletes of all countries will seize the blessings of spring, live up to the good spring and their own efforts, and have a perfect competition.Cheer them on.2022.2.5 late