Municipal government and Beidahuang Agricultural Services Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement

2022-05-24 0 By

On January 30th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between beidahuang Municipal Government and Beidahuang Agricultural Service Group was held in the municipal administration center.Xia Wenyong, Party Secretary;Gao Shiwen, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor, zhou Guanglin, General Manager of Jiangxi, Hubei and Hunan Regional Center of Beidahuang Agricultural Service Group delivered speeches respectively;Presided over by Li Xing, Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee;Vice Mayor Jiang Zhijian, Secretary General of CPC Municipal Committee Liu Junfu and Secretary General of Municipal Government Li Kang attended the ceremony.Gao Shiwen first introduced the agricultural development of Fuzhou, he said, Fuzhou has long been known as the “granary of Jiangxi and Fujian” reputation, annual production of grain more than 2.6 billion kilograms, export commodity grain more than 1 billion kilograms, rich in agricultural resources, is a traditional agricultural city.Municipal party committee, municipal government to vigorously implement the strategy of relying on agriculture and thinking development agriculture with industry, launched “billions and billions of enterprises” agricultural leading leading engineering, push the agricultural industry scale, intensive, standardization, focus on building a national green organic large area health food deep processing center, promote fuzhou from agricultural city to agricultural city to speed up the transformation.Gao shiwen said that Beidahuang Agricultural Service Group is a pioneer in China’s agricultural modernization, with advanced agricultural science and technology and a world-leading level of comprehensive mechanization in the cultivation, management and harvesting of major crops.From “Beidahuang warehouse” to “Ganfu granary”, from the white mountains and black water to the land of Ganfu, Beidahuang Agricultural Service Group settlement and fuzhou agricultural city development strategy highly fit, broad prospects for cooperation, promising.This bilateral signing cooperation, just its potential, at the right time.We hope to take this agreement as an opportunity to tap each other’s strengths and draw on each other’s strengths to carry out more concrete and pragmatic cooperation in food production, agricultural services, smart agriculture and brand building of agricultural products, so as to forge ahead together on the road of agricultural modernization and achieve win-win cooperation.We will provide “nanny-style” and “dian Xiaoer” services for Beidahuang Agricultural Service Group’s development in Fu, so that the enterprise can be assured, comfortable, secure and dedicated to development.Zhou Guanglin said the beidahuang agricultural services group will rely on their own advantages and resources, power fuzhou build organizational degree is high, the scale features prominent, the industrial system and perfecting the system of agricultural modernization, and strengthen the agricultural industrialization, the development of the brand and financialization, ensure national food security and effective supply of major agricultural products.At the signing ceremony, Jiang Zhijian and Zhou Guanglin respectively signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of both sides.