Zhang Hate water original match: the wrong love a person, empty room life, children died, died by rival son

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Zhang Henshui is a famous master of zhanghui novels in the history of modern Chinese literature, and a rare talent in the School of Mandarin Duck and Butterfly. He innovated a new way, skillfully combined zhanghui style and Western novel techniques, and created a well-known work.The love and hate in his love novels are exceedingly sentimental, touching and stirring, and his own emotional life is also ups and downs.He married his wife without talent and beauty, and even he was cheated to marry, which makes a proud scholar how can accept such an arrangement?That a wrong marriage, let the woman named Xu Wenshu step into the grave of the marriage, you half a year, very not easy to have children, to rely on, but children have died, but she still can submit to humiliation, and rival as sisters, as rival in love children, to the death, or by a rival in love of her son in death.The consequences of The Times, the marriage of “tomb” Xu Wenshu formerly known as xu da mao.the Wen Shu such a poetic name or XiaoGuZi up after she married into the changs, she was born in an ordinary family, my father is a kind Sir, but she did not have the opportunity to read, in that innocence is the virtue for women in the feudal era, her illiterate, but understands the feudal ethical code,With a traditional woman’s gentle and skilled, industrious and kind, practical and capable.At that time, women had no right to speak. Xu Wenshu was just like other traditional women, waiting for the arranged marriage and peacefully caring for her husband and children. However, the matchmaker’s words were arranged by Zhang henshui’s mother, although it was ordered by her parents.As soon as Zhang Henshui saw the bride’s plain appearance and short and fat figure, he was immediately angry and rushed out of the house on the wedding day, which was destined to lead to the tragedy of the marriage.Even if so annoying her husband, Xu Wenshu still no regrets to pay for the family, will be in good order to take care of the people in the family.But no matter how hard she tries again, do not change the look back of the husband, the marriage of a mistake lets her keep empty room half life, fortunately the virtuous shu ability of Xu Wenshu gets Zhang mother favour deeply, then helpless Zhang Hate water can be forced to bear the pressure of the mother only abhorred with its round, let her birth next child heir.Xu Wenshu every child born is a mother to come, not the crystallization of love, but god seems to be more brutal Xu Wenshu, neither to love their own husbands, even the children have died, and then complete the task of zhang henshui is a clear dividing line with the Xu Wenshu Xu Wenshu can only be appointed to bear her relatives alone and lonely.Although rival in love, but such as sisters fortunately Xu Wenshu can also in death after the rival’s son for its death, is also a good karma, do not waste this life.The child is another wife qiu-xia hu zhang henshui, two people by default, although qiu-xia hu was born poor, sponsor, but beautiful, vision, also has a vision, she chose to marry a young reader zhang henshui, although zhang henshui is no deep meaning to her, but also accept the wife.She arranged for him all the trifles of life, so that he can work without worries, but also without reservation to take out private money to support his writing, no regrets, so two people also be respectful.Their children also came naturally, although there were also early deaths, but the other four grew up smoothly.Xu Wenshu and Hu Qiuxia two people have paid all for the family, but it is not zhang Henshui’s love, after all, there is no cultural labor tradition women, can never bring him spiritual fit.Is precisely because of this, Xu Wenshu and qiu-xia hu seems to freemasonry, although they are rival in love, but with little sisters, not only raises the eldest son born to qiu-xia hu Xu Wenshu Zhang Xiaoshui for a decade, as in biological, Zhang Xiaoshui also affectionately call Xu Wenshu Boyle, two people very close, then Xu Wenshu who died after a tragic fall accident, Zhang Xiaoshui is heart-broken,Properly for its arrangements, for her death, also do not waste Xu Wenshu on his meticulous love.Uninvited guest, disparate attitude but Zhang Hate water brought an uninvited guest to his love for two people again — Zhou Nan, this next calm life produced world-shaking change, nevertheless Xu Wenshu and Hu Qiuxia two people because of the different attitude of doing things, the outcome is widely different also.Xu Wenshu maintained a consistent generosity and calm, stand aloof from worldly affairs, just live their own life well, and Hu Qiuxia is furious, make the earth turn upside down, in every way to persuade the family did not divorce, made the situation was once very confused stalemate, it is difficult to end.Because the attitude of two people is not the same, the mentality is not the same, Xu Wenshu years of neither humble nor arrogant and selfless dedication in return for the gratitude of Zhang Hate water, every month on time to send to the living expenses, food and clothing, enjoy his old age, although the accident died in the end, but fortunately with good for his old.But Hu Qiuxia is different, she was bitter, drink all day, depressed, and finally had to die in the company of her daughter.Zhang Henshui’s ruthlessness, the oppression of The Times and society caused the tragedy of two women. They loved their husbands and regarded their husbands as heaven, but Zhang Henshui’s destination was not them.But Xu Wenshu contentment, peace and love in return for the rest of the stable life, and Hu Qiuxia is too much to want, do not know how to meet, so can only hate and end.Summary: A wrong marriage, caused the tragedy of two people, but different choices, life is also very different.Selfless dedication with love and kindness will eventually get a good warm return, but not let go of their own, do not know how to meet people tend to be disappointed, despair, and finally depressed, nothing.The tragedy of The Times is sad, but Xu Wenshu supported a whole family with her own hands. Although she is a working woman without culture, she is kind, skilled and worthy of respect. As long as she can work hard for her own life down to earth, she will surely get a beautiful gift of fate!