The statement!Fake!

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On February 20th, medical insurance bureau in shandong province of shandong province medical insurance bureau official website rumours that statement, the statement that the near future, receive the masses, has illegal workers in the name of “shandong medical security” send SMS fraud, the basic content of “your health insurance card has stopped, please open the links in the text information is perfect,Log on to the website and fill in personal information, ID number and mobile phone number.”For this reason, shandong Provincial Medical Security Bureau solemnly stated that shandong medical security departments at all levels have never sent such information, the official website of the government ends with the logo “ “, the rest is fake.Please be vigilant and do not be deceived!The statement reads as follows:In addition to perfect the medical insurance information recently there are people within the SMS text messages received similar to “health care stop using” link is false and official web page is very similar but contains a Trojan virus if according to the prompts on the page link to fill in id number, bank card number and other information may lead to bank card stolen brush to health department to remind this information,Don’t believe left left left for health insurance coverage information and health care policy, by ginseng protect healthcare agency hall window, local 12345 hotline or made public by the department of health care service telephone, the official website, official WeChat public health departments at various levels, and the official WeChat “health care” small programs such as web query, zhang run way, conduction insurance business.In order to ensure the security of funds, please keep your social security card (including health insurance function, hereinafter referred to as “health insurance card”) properly, do not lend your health insurance card to others, do not trust strange phone calls, text messages, do not disclose personal health insurance card number, password, ID card number and other information, so as to avoid being cheated.When receiving strange phone calls and text messages involving “medical insurance card discontinuation”, “medical insurance card upgrade” and “personal information improvement”, it is necessary to be vigilant and verify relevant information with the issuing bank through formal channels.If you are swindled, you are advised to dial 110 or report to the local police station.To prevent electric linyi fraud case decided to full installation throughout the city “the national center for anti cheat” APP linyi 7000000 + people so far has been installed, please download and install immediately accurately fill out personal information to open all application permissions effective open source | warning protection of public security, peace linyi in shandong province