The BLG lineup has been announced, and Uzi’s “Oogway” has become popular.

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Hello everybody is good, there is a dog, a day to bring you interesting game information, like remember point attention ~ LPL spring so far, also have a period of time, at present a lot of teams have played a very good result, like all EDG and LNG had maintained a, of course RNG, WBG, BLG and V5 are only lost one,The results are very good, and the controversial BLG is finally ushered in their first game of the year, just a day before the game announced this starting list, but this starting list has once again caused a hot debate.In his first game since the BLG, Uzi was once again left out of the starting lineup, and many viewers mocked Uzi for being afraid to play TT, only to be hit by Puff.Although BLG’s 4 BO3 matches are still good, there is no doubt that most of the audience are expecting Uzi to play in BLG’s matches, but after experiencing several BO3 matches, they seem to be used to Uzi not playing.The next director shows up?I have to say that BLG was one of the most successful teams in LPL when they announced their lineup for the new season. Considering Uzi retired two years ago, I don’t know how many people were waiting for his return, and BLG is definitely paying a lot of money for LPL’s most controversial and controversial player.Just spring opening has been such a long time, say German cup without playing, everyone can understand, but the spring is in the second stage, Uzi still didn’t play a game, not to let a person think that the return of the factory director, seems all year summer season and WE played a, lost was substituted immediately, but the marketing directly,So many people are teasing Uzi as the next factory director.Not only that, but because Uzi has not played a game for so long, it also makes Uzi become a joke, especially many people laugh at Uzi is a turtle, even dare not return to the game, even some people directly P a Uzi “turtle picture”, which has caused a lot of hot discussion on the Internet.To be honest, as an old LPL viewer, I really wish I could see Uzi on the stage sooner rather than backstage every time, but since I have not been able to play, it must have been through the discussion of the club and Uzi.Uzi’s first game is coming soon, and as soon as February is over, Uzi will be back in action again, according to insiders.I don’t know what the exact reason is, but with the timing so precise, there are probably some reasons why Uzi can’t play right now.Who do you think Uzi will face in his first game back?Welcome to interact with the dog in the following ~ want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the dog said game