Loudi: Do a good job in supervision to ensure the stability of market prices

2022-05-23 0 By

On April 7, Fu Kaijun, director of Loudi Market Supervision Bureau, and his delegation went to BBG Wujiang Bigui Garden store to carry out price inspection and supervision.▽ Prices of products are clearly marked at the Three yuan Farmers market.Loudi News (Reporter Li Xihua, Correspondent Chen Hongyan, Luo Dayi) On April 7th, Fu Kaijun, director of Loudi Market Supervision Bureau, and his delegation visited BBG Wujiang Bigui Garden store, Yifeng Pharmacy Country Garden City Square store and Sanyuan Farmers market to carry out price inspection and supervision and maintain the normal price order of the market.Since March 14, the Municipal Administration for Market Regulation has made epidemic prevention and control the top priority in its current work, made every effort to do a good job in price supervision during the epidemic prevention and control period, and strengthened the “six measures” to ensure the stability of market prices.The bureau improved the price monitoring and early warning mechanism, strengthened the price monitoring of masks, disinfection and sterilization supplies, antiviral drugs and related medical equipment and other epidemic prevention and control supplies, food, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, milk and other residents’ daily necessities, did a good job in predicting the potential risk of price changes, strengthen the coordination of emergency plans;We will carry out price inspections and supervision, and increase the frequency and intensity of price inspections on stores, supermarkets, farmers’ markets and other places closely related to People’s Daily consumption.To carry out price reminders and warnings, through issuing reminding and warning letters, administrative interviews, on-site publicity and other forms, to publicize price laws and regulations to operators, guide operators to consciously regulate price behavior, warn operators to earnestly fulfill their social responsibilities and abide by business ethics;We will effectively impose administrative penalties on prices, seriously investigate and punish price collusion, price gouging, price fraud, failure to clearly mark prices in accordance with regulations and other illegal pricing practices that damage the rights and interests of consumers and disrupt market order, and create an open, transparent and honest market price order.We will keep an open channel for complaints, pay close attention to public opinion on prices, move the supervision port forward, and open the 12315 channel for complaints and reports. We will promptly and properly handle people’s demands and protect their rights and interests in pricing.