Huang Yuanyu, a famous doctor in Qing Dynasty, on “Drowned Blood” and its test recipe “Ningbo Soup”

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Drowned blood cold soil wet, spleen depression wood yu, wind and drainage, valley road is not closed, after the discharge in the large intestine, waterway is not collected, before the shower in urine.Yang Qi insects, the soil is warm and warm, the spleen wet and cold kidney, the water is not hidden.Water insects, wood drainage, water to hide and can not hide, is more than flow;Wood to leak but not leak, is the stem and adverse.Edge wood more yu is more desire to discharge, the more desire to discharge is more depressed, yu gave birth to heat, urine red number.Although the fire sheng extremely, and the Yang deficiency of the spleen and kidney.Reducing wet dry soil, rising wood to yu, is the main method.The cold is warm, the hot is clear.However, the heat in b wood, not in the spleen, in the liver should be cool and cool, as for the spleen, but should be warm and dry, although the liver heat is extreme, not diarrhea of the spleen.Ningbo soup licorice two money, cassia twig three money, peony three money, donkey-hide gelatin three money, poria cocos three money, ze xie three money, gardenia three money, hair ash three money (pig fat fried, grind) fry half a cup, warm.Drowning blood and blood in the same way, and wood yu is very, so stem pain.Ling, Ze, licorice, soil moisture, cassia twig, peony, Damu breeze, Ejiao, hair gray, zi liver stasis, gardenia li water diarrhea heat.Bladder heat.If the purple black blood stasis, tired block firm resistance, Dan skin, peach and so on line, this law also.