How to raise “Yang qi” after the beginning of spring, remind: adhere to 3 things, raising liver is also raising Yang

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Time flies, this career has come to the sun, has reached the position of the equator, north and south hemispheres equinox at this time, with the increasing of time, the orbit of the sun, the earth will also further such as gradually move to the north, about life in living in the northern hemisphere at least during the day we will become more and more long, but at night sleep time will become more and more short.As the temperature is gradually warming, people’s activities are gradually increasing, and the metabolism and digestive function of the body at this time also began to rise gradually, standing in the perspective of traditional medicine, spring is a good season of “Yang qi” hair, but also a good season for the maintenance of the liver.How should we understand “Yang Qi” in traditional medicine?In fact, many people do not feel very strange to the word “Yang qi”, but we do not know what it means, and even many people think it is fooling people.In the history of traditional medicine, the sun is regarded as Yang and the human body as Yin, and then the harmony of Yin and Yang can maintain the health of the body. Therefore, many people can understand Yang as a substance to maintain the health and life activities of the human body.Generally speaking, if the Yang qi is sufficient, it means that the human body is very healthy, and the immunity of the body will be very strong, and the spirit is full of energy, and the whole body is full of vitality. But the Yang qi is weak, so they will be on the contrary, the physical quality will be poor.People with poor Yang in the body are easy to let some bacteria and viruses erode the body, and their immunity is very weak, giving people a feeling of disaster, so many people began to pay attention to health care after a certain age, that is to say, the Yang in the body.02 insist to do three things in the spring equinox season, nourishing the liver Yang also 1, adhere to the early to bed and early to rise in the cold winter air temperature is lower, plus the morning time will be late, so I will let everyone appears the phenomenon of get up late, but after the workshop is in commonly before the sun rises have 7 PM after 6 PM you can see the sunshine,Plants begin to absorb carbon dioxide when exposed to light, releasing the oxygen we need.At this time to get up earlier, can absorb more fresh Yang, effectively develop a good sleep habit, go to bed early and get up early to maintain an adequate sleep time and quality, can make the human body in the Yang become better and better.Many young people have been used to staying up late at night. In fact, this phenomenon is very bad. It will not only bring some bad benefits to the body, but also make the repair function of the body fragile.It is recommended that we must get into bed before 10 o ‘clock at night to begin to fall asleep, because this time of the human body’s various organs and liver can have a good repair function, in theory, the human body is in a deep sleep for longer and longer, then his state of mind will be very good, the mood will become more comfortable.2, keep an optimistic mood in the spring season, there are a lot of people will appear signs were mentioned, and no matter what things are impulse, in fact everyone in daily life must form a peaceful and optimistic attitude, no matter what things must not appear negative emotions, to prevent the occurrence of temperature let the sun be the spirit then release let the liver.We must maintain an optimistic attitude in daily life, bad mood will not only lead to endocrine disorders in the human body, but also let some hormone secretion levels in the body be affected, we must control their emotions reasonably, in order to effectively make the body and mood more comfortable and healthy.3, stick to exercise the weather gets warmer, outdoor grass is turn green and flowers are opened, and the time to start on the germination of the tender beautiful shape, this time the body has begun to gradually active, metabolic function in body will over time and climate change is becoming more and more powerful, and the body of the energy consumption will also increase gradually.At this time, we can get up in the morning and go outdoors to breathe some fresh air, which can help regulate the lung function, and can also add some exercise appropriately, which helps to restore the Yang qi in the body.Reached a certain age of the elderly, might as well in the daily life to do some aerobic exercise such as taijiquan boxing (or shadow boxing), jogging, walking, etc., to do some aerobic exercise, can let the body of the function of the gas becomes more full of vigor, but also can let the body metabolism is becoming more and more good, more important is to be able to make a day of mood better.
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