How can I find my homesickness when I return home for Chinese New Year

2022-05-23 0 By

Today is the 13th day of the first lunar month, two days later, to the Lantern Festival, this year’s Spring Festival officially ended.To tell you the truth, when I grew up, I was afraid of Chinese New Year.Especially after moving from the countryside to the city, I don’t like Chinese New Year any more.Because I always feel that The New Year is also muddle along, always feel that the New Year has lost what taste, it is difficult to find the feeling of the past.It is said that every festival times kiss, kiss not relatives.However, I do not know why, every time I return to my hometown, the feeling to me is not thick homesickness but light loneliness!Every time at home, greet my first glance is always a flickering cold house.Once wanted to find the familiar figure, from the east head to the west head of the village, from the north of the village to the south of the village, can find to find, but always find a burst of cold.Where is the loud sound of firecrackers?Where is the sound of drums and gongs?Where is the child’s playfulness?Think of this unforgettable scene gradually disappear, my heart has inexplicable sadness!In the village heping back and forth, I see: the village road already fragrant grass, the village pond already duckweed drift, the village field already scattered!The occasional person who emerges from the rows of houses in the village is either an old man toddling along or a child playing games on his mobile phone!I don’t know what to say at the moment.Maybe there’s always something you want back home.However, in the pursuit of time, hope to get something, do not lose the precious things.