The hearts of the 12 veteran party members and the needy are warm and warm

2022-05-22 0 By

“Thanks to the party organization for caring for us, LIVING in this community has always been a warm feeling, can always be remembered.”Grandma Wu, who lives in hefei High-speed Times Square community, saw the visiting west Hangzhou community staff, took the staff’s hand excitedly said.Recently, Yandun street West Hang community general Party branch to carry out the “Spring Walk grassroots sympathy and care warm hearts” activities.A few years ago, their son was paralyzed due to a cerebral hemorrhage, and Wan’s health was also poor. They were taken care of by The octogenarian Wu alone.Community staff came to Grandma Wu home, and they talk kindly, understand their living situation, physical condition, told them to have difficulties to the community party organization, the organization will try to provide help.In visiting condolence, the community party general branch formed 6 condolence groups, in-depth area 12 old party members, poor people home, for them to send holiday condolence.”I hope that through the condolence activities, the Warmth of the Party will reach the hearts of party members and the masses.”The relevant person in charge of west Hangzhou community said that the condolences not only contacted the feelings of party members, the masses and the party organization, but also enhanced their strong sense of belonging to the community party organization, and further enhanced the centripetal force and cohesion of the Party organization.Xu Jie reporter Shen Juanjuan