Pu Wanlin: ten years of return home bath policy spring entrepreneurship and wealth

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This network reporter Cheng Jiansong Fangke Zhang Zhenguo February 23 afternoon, Wuwei Gulang County huanghuatan blue skies, sunny, “inspection” after the greenhouse pepper and melon seedling growth, Puwanlin hurried to start the car, rushed to the sheep farm.This year, vegetable prices are stable, chillies in one greenhouse are producing well, and cantaloupes in another are growing happily.At the sheep farm, her invited relatives were helping to shear the sheep, and she had to hurry back to greet them.Driving forward, bright sunshine shining through the window on her face, warm, happy smile can not help climbing on her cheek……On the way to the sheep farm, Pu Wanlin told reporters about her struggle.National policy is so good there is no reason not to come back to struggle more than 10 years ago, Pu Wanlin married to Gulang County Dingning village star village, star village become a member.In xingguang village, in the mountains of eastern Gulang county, Pu and her husband can only survive on mountains that yield less than 300 jin of grain per mu and a few sheep.The barren land and the climate with little water and rain have handed down the farming pattern of wide planting and low yield for thousands of years.In the mountains, Puwanlin husband and wife empty a body of strength, but can not dig out of the road to wealth.In the face of starving children, Pu Wanlin and her husband had to leave their children, leave home, far away to work.In 2008, after struggling pu Wanlin finally bought a house in Guazhou County.Immediately, the couple took their parents and children to Guazhou and began “city” life.In a flash, 10 years fly by, Pu Wanlin received the notice of relocation and the government’s various support policies.”Although I bought a house in Guazhou, my household registration is still in Xingguang Village. For more than ten years, I always feel adrift, insecure and without a sense of belonging…”Pu wanlin is still happy to recall the scene.”The country has been so good to us, there’s no reason not to come back and fight hard,” she said.Besides, I’m always working for others outside. I’d rather take this opportunity to come back and start my own business.”Later, she visited the immigration sites, learned about medical education, consulted about relevant policies, and designed the business route…After some understanding, and then from the children’s education, the development of the future, and so on, a fine account, Puwanlin immediately made a decision: registration, return home, entrepreneurship.So, she and her husband took the train westbound with their two children and returned to their hometown, where they settled down in a new village with rich people and started a new journey.The road to sheep farm is a gravel road, the vehicle slightly bumpy.As the car shook, Pu Wanlin’s smile gradually faded, a trace of worry from the eyes reveal.”In the past two years, I raised sheep and made money, but recently the price of mutton continues to go down, I don’t know if I can break even…”Words are not finished, the car has arrived at the gate of Yang Factory, Pu Wanlin hurried into the sheepfold, and has come to help shearers several relatives together, skillfully for the sheep “change”.Tired of the work, Pu wanlin put down her tools and went into the shed at the gate of the sheep farm. She sat down on a simple wooden bed and continued to tell her story.In autumn 2018, puwanlin family finally returned to his hometown, spent 10,000 yuan to get a yard in fumin new village, and spent tens of thousands of yuan to obtain a solar greenhouse and a sheep farm.Rather than buying a house in Guadua, Puwanlin has acquired valuable assets at a fraction of the cost, thanks to strong support from national poverty alleviation policies.This is the confidence of her determination to return home to start her own business.With the help of the local government, Pu rented out his greenhouses as they were far from home, and two more from nearby villages for 4,000 yuan a year.At the same time, with the support of the policy, she bought 20 lambs at the price of 500 yuan each.Began their own planting, breeding business.Because more than 10 years ago in starlight village raised sheep, Pu Wanlin is confident about raising sheep.With the first batch of 20 sheep profitable five months later, Puwan took out a loan to buy 300 lambs immediately.In several rounds of buying, fattening and selling, Puwanlin made a pot full of money.After buying a car and expanding the sheep farm, pu wanlin expanded the sheep farm from 300 to 600, and then fattened and sold 600 to 1,000 sheep a year. In just over three years, pu Wanlin has developed the breeding scale to the village’s individual breeding scale, which has become one of the models of returning home to start a business in Huanghuatan.With a net income of more than 10,000 yuan for each greenhouse planting a crop of vegetables, Pu Wanlin realized his expected plan and lived a happy life that had not been achieved with more than a decade of hardships.As a result, Pu Wanlin was elected vice chairman of fumin New Village Women’s Federation.She left her hometown to work and returned to her hometown to start her own business, which has become a model for all women in the village.Since last year, however, the price of mutton has continued to fall, and Mr. Puwanlin’s sheep farm has seen profits plummet and once faced losses.Pu Wanlin said, last year when the sheep price was low, also had the idea of giving up, but look back and think, breeding is a cycle, regardless of profit or loss to adhere to the road of entrepreneurship can not be smooth sailing, and then carefully calculated to earn more than the loss.”I firmly believe that as long as we stick to it and fight hard, the sheep farm will be better and better, and our life will be better than now!”Puwanlin said as he looked out the window.