Positive energy Diary: Thank the penalizer with “gifts”

2022-05-22 0 By

On the afternoon of February 16th, I went to the second floor of luoyang Xicheng District Government Affairs Service Center to pay the fine. I was punished for no reason at all, but I met a serious payee. She guided me to pay by credit card for the first time when I paid the fine by scanning code, which made me gain knowledge and skills.Furthermore, she told me the details of future tax declaration and required me to make careful records and check the records one by one afterwards.Looking at his age should be 90, very young, may not have graduated from university, but its seriousness let me unforgettable!If the relevant personnel who handled tax registration ten years ago could provide such services, I would never have been unaware of the monthly tax declaration of non-profit academic organizations without income for ten consecutive years.A phone call the next day would have provided the initial password for logging into the tax filing system, ending an unhappy encounter with the tax authorities.But considering the seriousness and carefulness of the person who filled in the form when dealing with the payment of the fine, I decided to make a special trip to give her a return.Therefore, I ran to the Xigong District Government Service Center 5 minutes before going off work at 16:55 this afternoon and successfully checked the health code and travel code. I went up to the second floor and found window no. 12. Sure enough, it was still her.Later, I handed her a copy of “Diary of Inspiration” with a self-designed cover. I was almost refused. I said that if I capture a valuable inspiration in this life, I will become a creator.Encounter a fine is the first time in life, is a loss, but there are also the following three harvest: 1, learned that any unit even if there is no income also need to deal with tax declaration according to law every month.Finally become a law-abiding citizen with tax awareness.2. I accidentally met the person filling in the ticket at counter 12, who let me know that wechat payment can also be made with credit cards.In particular, her seriousness is touching and worth learning from in life and work.3, give back to fill in the ticket “diary of inspiration”, may influence her and even her relatives and friends to form the habit of writing diary, especially to form the habit of writing diary of inspiration, become more useful to the society and human beings.In fact, the diary of Inspiration is just a new cover. The printed cover is actually close to 1 yuan, and the original is just over 1 yuan