Net revealed 5 return sister to join “Sister Wave 3”, friends said coco Lee did not participate, who can carry the C position

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After “The brother who cut through the Thorns” became a popular style, netizens lamented that famous artists competing in music variety also had to be mango.But in fact, there were a lot of negative voices online in the early days of “Brother”.On the one hand, “Sister Wave 2” is not as popular and critical as the first season.On the other hand, the elder brothers’ debut stage is mainly nostalgic, and they don’t need to accept quizzes and comments like their elder sisters.Despite some netizens’ feeling of being an afterthought, there is no doubt that Mango does have the strength in the field of famous artists competing for variety shows, so Sister Wave 3 and Brother 2 have become netizens’ highly anticipated variety shows in 2022.In many ways, the first half of this year should be “Sister Wave 3”, after all, “Brother” series is still hot, the members of the competition is still hot.Moreover, since entering 2022, there have been several versions of the list of “Sister Wave 3” revealed online, although the lineup is almost the same, but it just shows that the program is really in contact with guests, the general lineup should be about the same.Whether it is the first two seasons of “Sister Wave”, or last year’s “Brother”, the biggest suspense in the guest lineup is undoubtedly the quasi-C, this candidate is the biggest in the lineup, and the program needs to rely on its lead heat and topic.In many versions of online rumors, coco Lee seems to be the quasi C of Sister Wave 3, and since she appeared on Mango’s I Am a Singer, most viewers almost believe that she will participate.However, coco Lee’s participation in Sister Wave 3 has recently become a matter of doubt, as a RADIO Hong Kong host made it clear in a reply to a netizen’s question that Coco Lee had already returned to Hong Kong, using “of course not”.In the content of the host’s social media platform, we can see that he often takes pictures with Coco Lee, which shows that they are quite close, so his words actually have a high credibility.But his denials should be taken with a grain of salt.First of all, coco Lee may have signed a non-disclosure agreement to join Sister Wave 3.Second, even though Coco Lee is back in Hong Kong now, it doesn’t mean she won’t have time to attend, as the first recording of the webcast will be on March 16.So, if Coco Lee does not appear in Sister Wave 3, who will be the next season’s quasi-c on the cast list?After Coco Lee, Sun Yue is the most qualified and experienced actress, and recently participated in the 2022 Hunan TV Spring Festival Gala, which was seen as a warm-up for her role in Sister Wave 3.But, Sun Yue has faded out the line of sight of the audience for many years, even many young audience is strange to her, so she becomes C is more reluctant.As for Wang xinling, who is also fairly popular, although her masterpieces are as good as coco Lee’s and her popularity is high enough, she cannot and does not deserve the C rank.For one thing, Wang is not old enough. If she can get the C spot, so can Charlene Choi and Sandra Zhong.Secondly, wang xinling’s life and work focus is not in the mainland, so it is difficult to ensure that she can attend more parties and variety shows arranged by Mango.As for the rest of the list, seniority and name recognition are two factors that prevent almost everyone from becoming the C digit.So if Mango can’t get coco Lee, it will take time to find her next diva.In addition to the coco Lee mentioned above, there is also a new one: yuan Wing Lin, Huang Sheng Yi, Jin Chen, Alan and Xuan Lu, the five sisters from the previous two seasons, may return.If this revelation turns out to be true, I think it will probably be the biggest attraction of Sister Wave 3, and even make up for some of the lack of C spots.Be broken news joins in “wave elder sister 3” in 5 drop bead elder sister, besides xuan Lu at that time existence feeling is not too strong besides, yuan Yonglin, Huang Shengyi, Jin Chen and Alan are “wave elder sister” beneficiary.Jin Chen, in particular, is a top star in 2020 after Mango gave her the variety show Daughters in Love 3, although she didn’t appear in Sister Wave. In addition, secret and Great and Amazing Girls have hit the air successively.Therefore, if the above 5 sisters have a schedule, I believe they will not reject the invitation of “Sister Wave 3” program group, after all, through this program can eat the dividend is real.So, is the possibility of tournament system high?I don’t think so, for two reasons.First, the series has only been running for two seasons, and although each season requires 30 female artists, it’s unlikely that the third season will start with a reshuffle.Second, “Sister Wave” is already one of Mango’s flagship shows, so mango won’t be so quick to blow its own brand.Although not all female artists are suitable to participate in the singing and dancing competition program like “Sister Wave”, but in fact, “Sister Wave” to this stage, the lineup is not the main factor whether the program can become a popular style, competition system, song selection, stage design, is mango and “Sister Wave” team need to pay attention to.What’s more, if Mango and the “Sister Wave” team can choose the little-known but powerful Treasure sister, the show can be revitated, and the audience can experience more pleasure and fun.From this point of view, the national celebrity diva does not seem so attractive.