Bolo reserves enough agricultural materials to meet the needs of spring ploughing

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Spring comes early, spring ploughing is the time to prepare ploughing.In order to serve “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, Boluo County supply and marketing Cooperative Association reserves more than 1000 tons of agricultural materials this year, doubled than last year, to ensure the normal and orderly development of spring farming in our county.The rain term is coming, boluo county agricultural materials company trade department is very busy, to buy chemical fertilizer pesticides farm tools of the public in an endless stream.In addition, demand for fertilizer for rice planting, the centrepiece of spring farming, is also at its peak, with many growers placing orders by telephone and other means.Among them, phosphate fertilizer, urea, compound fertilizer and other fertilizers are the most popular, herbicide and other pesticides demand also increased.Aunt Zhou, a farmer, and her husband came from Huicheng district to buy three packages of fertilizer. “I came here to buy some compound fertilizer to fertilize my vegetable plots and orchard.Ms. Wang, who runs a fruit farm and garden, also bought two cans of herbicide and an accessory for a pesticide sprayer: “Spring is coming, and the grass in the orchard has started to sprout. We need to remove the grass and prepare for spring plowing.”Boluo county agricultural means of production company, head of the department of trade WenJinYan tells a reporter, is now in agricultural materials sales season: “now is the spring planting season, everyone is a package to buy more, can sell ten every day to package, some big clients especially rice sometimes buy a ton of two tons, vegetables near, people will by catty of peanuts to buy.”The reporter learned that last year, influenced by domestic and international factors, China’s fertilizer prices continued to rise, reaching a 10-year high, increasing farmers’ planting costs.Wen Jinyan told reporters, affected by the rise in urea prices, compound fertilizer basically rose 800 to 1000 yuan per ton.With the implementation of a series of measures to ensure supply and stabilize prices, prices fell in December last year, and with the arrival of spring ploughing, prices are rising steadily.Ms Wang has also felt the recent change in prices: “The price of fertilizers such as compound fertilizer and urea has really gone up a bit. I may have to use several hundred kilograms of fertilizer this spring, and the cost has also gone up.”Wen Jinyan admitted that the average increase in fertilizer per package of about 20 or 30 yuan, but farmers farming without fertilizer, fertilizer demand is still strong, for the purchase of a larger number, he will give a certain discount to meet the needs of farmers with fertilizer.In order to reduce farmers’ planting costs and ensure stable prices of agricultural materials, the county supply and marketing cooperative association has set up a special work team to increase the amount of agricultural materials stored, and carry out irregular inspections on the situation of winter storage of chemical fertilizers in agricultural materials warehouses to ensure adequate storage of various types of chemical fertilizers.At the same time, actively carry out agricultural inspection, to ensure the smooth production of spring ploughing.County supply and marketing cooperative association deputy director Zhang Jianping said: “because of the recent main fertilizer prices at a historical high, this year our agricultural reserves doubled than last year, more than 1,000 tons, now also in a steady flow of fertilizer into the warehouse, to ensure the normal development of spring ploughing, with a rapid market for emergency protection capacity.”Next, county supply and marketing cooperative association will also dynamically monitor the level of agricultural supplies inventory, timely supplementary procurement, reasonable adjustment of variety structure, strengthen quality supervision and price monitoring, effective supply of food and important agricultural products to provide strong support.Source: Louvre News