67 years old grandpa fitness 24 years, married 13 years younger beautiful wife, husband and wife happy and happy, let people envy

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Last year, a red Star news video of the 67-year-old with a graying beard, eight-pack abs and beautiful tendons caused a stir and went viral on Weibo.One day, Xu zhilin’s daughter told him excitedly: “Dad, you have become a hot search on Weibo. Everyone says you are an uncle’s version of Eddie Peng.”Xu was puzzled: “Why am I so popular? Who is Eddie Peng?”Until her daughter showed him the photo, it turns out that she has a body like Peng.Xu zhilin has also become an Internet sensation, loved by many netizens, who have given him many titles such as “Turtle immortal” and “Blacksmith Brother”.The 67-year-old, who has been working out for 24 years, can do more than 100 push-ups at a stretch and easily lift 80 kilograms of barbells.Fitness not only let him get a strong body and a lot of friends who love fitness, but also let him in the gym harvest precious love.Who would have thought that once he suffered from “three high” distress, is under the body crisis forced fitness?Xu Zhilin was born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in 1955. He is a native of Chengdu.After graduating from high school, he left Chengdu to become an educated youth in The countryside in Bailong District, Jiange County in response to national policies.To go to the commune as a farmer, at that time from six in the morning to work in the field, to seven or eight in the evening to rest, a day down only 8 cents income, but Xu Zhilin was also very happy, at least they can feed themselves.With hard work and continuous learning, Xu was admitted to Sichuan University later.After graduating from university, Xu Zhilin and many young people like devoting to the struggle of the career, every day life is very single, from home to the company, and then from the company home, simple and mechanical repeat such a life.For his own work, he is also very hard, during the working period if those work can not be finished, he will also desperately stay up to finish the work before taking a rest.Except in his spare time, Xu went to barbecues and beer with his friends. He was young and never considered his health. He thought happiness was the most important thing.Around 1990, Xu Zhilin began his business career as the general agent of a well-known Chinese liquor brand in Europe. Due to the demands of his work, he had to deal with more and more social activities and often had to accompany customers to drink.After xu Zhilin insisted for a few years, he found that his body often has uncomfortable places, often feel dizzy, the number of colds every year also gradually increased, even climb a staircase will be breathless.In the face of these things, he became more and more worried about his physical condition, very distressed about what was wrong with him, so he hurried to the hospital for a physical examination.After xu Zhilin got the examination report, he asked the doctor anxiously: “Doctor, what’s wrong with me?Is it a medical condition?”The doctor replied, “Your body is already in a sub-healthy state, with high blood pressure, high blood lipids and high blood sugar. It’s very dangerous if you don’t change your lifestyle.”Xu also suffers from gout due to years of drinking.What really made Xu decide was a trip with friends: “In the summer of 1998, I weighed 88 kilograms.I made an appointment with my friends to climb Qingcheng Mountain. Before I took two steps, my knee hurt so much that I could not walk.I had to let my friends go up the mountain to play, and I could only drink tea in a tea shop at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain.I was drinking and thinking, is this the best my body can do for the rest of my life?”Xu Zhilin felt that he really can not go on like this, must be in order to do their own health plan.So he began to go to the gym and choose fitness to lose weight. Under his insistence, he quit smoking and drinking with his strong will, which he relied on especially in the past for more than 20 years.This persistence even Xu Zhilin himself did not think, when he was young, he is not a good at persistence.From his youth to now, he has tried many different careers, he has been a salesman, a village teacher, in Hainan opened a bar, in Lijiang opened a b&B, in Germany opened a restaurant, footprints all over many places.However, for the beginning of the fitness for more than 20 years, this is very rare for him.02, I move, therefore I in the 1990s, China’s fitness industry is not as developed as it is now, few people go to the gym to exercise.The facilities inside the gym are also not perfect. There is no air conditioning, no bathing facilities, and even professional equipment is not very complete.Xu chose a gym near chengdu’s Cultural Palace, and the annual fee was not cheap, costing more than 300 yuan in the 1990s.Unlike most middle-aged people, Xu zhilin is reluctant to step out of his comfort zone, rejecting new things from young people and always feeling inappropriate.And Xu Zhilin boldly out of his comfort zone, take the initiative to accept new things, learn new knowledge, always keep a young mind.When he first arrived at the gym, he had no trainer and no one would talk to him when he asked for advice. Instead, he watched others practice and copied their moves.He does not tangle with strict standards of action, complex fitness theory and so on, feel that as long as their efforts to achieve the purpose of exercise is good, so Xu Zhilin slowly insisted on down.From 88 kg to 78 kg this figure, Xu Zhilin is not like others to pursue speed, always slowly open the process, he used 3 years to do, for Xu Zhilin is both pain, but also happy.He also understands that it must be a long road to maintain his health through fitness, and it is a difficult road if one does not advance or falls back.After he succeeded in losing weight, many people around him also asked him, “Haven’t you already lost weight?Why work so hard when you’re in your 50s or 60s, when you need to build muscles like a young person?”Xu zhilin firmly said: “I will not give up fitness, you do not know how good fitness is for me.”Xu Zhilin is very clear about his heart is how to think, he is not only the pursuit of strong muscles and a good figure, he is most concerned about his own health, he hopes to have not only painless disease, but also strong, flexible higher requirements, higher level of health.Since Xu started working out in his 40s, he had to work harder and sweat more than younger people to achieve his goals.Xu Zhilin will make different fitness plans for himself every year, he is very strict with himself, every week to maintain 4-5 high-intensity long-distance running and training, and scientific for different parts of the body also has accurate plans, leg training on Monday, back training on Tuesday, chest training on Wednesday and so on.As the saying goes, fitness is three points by practice, seven points by eating, eating bad that is equal to exercise in vain.Therefore, in the fitness food, Xu Zhilin also put a lot of effort, do a lot of research, how can healthy fat reduction can meet his Sichuan stomach?He researched and researched recipes to keep the taste good and lose fat and build muscle.As a result of his continuous efforts, his body has undergone an amazing transformation, from a fatty beer belly to a solid eight-pack abdominal muscle. His body fat rate has also dropped significantly, and he is physically stronger than many young people. He can do more than 100 push-ups at a stretch, weighing 160 jin barbells.In addition to a healthy body, Xu Zhilin also had a greater happiness in the road to fitness, the harvest is commendable precious feelings.He made many good friends in the gym, including his wife.Xu Zhilin’s wife is a fitness enthusiast who works out in the same gym with him. They have the same interests as each other and both like fitness. Their lifestyle is also extremely self-disciplined.Soon they fell in love.Xu’s wife is 13 years his junior, but age has not been a barrier to their increasingly sweet relationship.Treat emotional life, Xu Zhilin also has ritual feeling very much, greatly small festival is never absent, often can prepare a lot of small surprise for wife.Before the COVID-19 outbreak, Xu zhilin and his wife traveled around China every year. For more than a decade, they traveled all over the country.The sweet life made them forget that they even need to go to the civil affairs bureau for marriage formalities, when to get the license, accident appeared again.In 2016, in the annual physical examination organized by my wife’s unit, my wife was unfortunately found to be suffering from invasive breast cancer. Although the misfortune has come, I still need to face it positively.When his wife went on the operating table, Xu held her hand tightly and said, “Marry me.”The wife hurriedly nodded: “I promise you.”Fortunately, the operation was a success and my wife, who is used to working out, was in good health and recovered quickly.After recovering, my wife joined the Sichuan Medical Volunteer team to help patients with breast cancer like her.This also makes Xu Zhilin very touched, he is wondering whether he can also use their own hobby fitness, do something for everyone?In a trip to Bali, Xu Zhilin was surprised by what he saw and heard on the island, and he had new ideas in his heart.Bali has a long history of fitness, many local residents are very keen on fitness, the streets and lanes can see fitness equipment everywhere, although many local residents make their own simple equipment, such as horizontal bar, parallel bars, barbell, even many middle-aged and even the elderly also adhere to fitness.This surprised Xu zhilin, who also wanted to change the way elderly Chinese view fitness.Xu zhilin said: “Our generation has always had the old concept that when they were young, they worked hard to make money, but they don’t care if their health is bad, and they have nothing to do when they retire.But in fact, with the continuous improvement of living conditions and medical conditions, human life is getting longer and longer, people can live to 70 years old, 80 years old, even 90 years old.There will be plenty of time to organise your life and do more meaningful things after retirement.”How to live a good old age after all?Xu zhilin believes that even retired people should not lie down, and everyone should re-plan their life path and start a new life.If the middle-aged and elderly people insist on exercise, they can maintain themselves very well, which not only gives the society less trouble, but also makes themselves less trouble.Xu Zhilin accepted the video interview, expressed his ideas.As soon as the video was broadcast, it received a huge response from netizens, and mainstream media such as People’s Daily and Beijing News also reprinted it.Xu has also been invited to many shows, such as Jiangsu TV’s One Station to the End and CCTV’s The Great Challenge.Many netizens came to xu’s gym to watch him work out, and many more shared their experiences with him online, asking him how to exercise and what to eat to better lose fat.The explosion of fame on the Internet, so that Xu Zhilin felt more responsibility and obligation to do something for everyone.Xu lives in Chengdu, a city that advocates a comfortable lifestyle. Many of his peers spend their days playing mah-jongg and lounging around, but they are not in good health.Seeing Xu Zhilin, many people could not believe that he was over 60 years old. They often laughed and said, “Old Xu, if you shave your beard, you will look like a young man of 40.”Xu zhilin replied, “What’s wrong with this beard?I think I’m just fine the way I am.”He believes that it is not just the state of the face that determines how young a person is, but the most important thing is the state of the person’s body, his internal organs, his vitality.In order to motivate people around him and more netizens to participate in the fitness campaign, Xu zhilin also opened his own social media accounts on Weibo, Douyin and other social platforms to attract the attention of many netizens.He hopes that the whole society can unite to create a healthy and scientific atmosphere for national fitness, only with a solid mass foundation, fitness this sport will become a trend.Besides bodybuilding, Xu has many other hobbies, including calligraphy and cooking food in his spare time.In addition to his physical state, Xu zhilin is also very close to young people psychologically. He likes to try many new things and there is no generation gap between him and young people.Xu likes to buy electronics and listen to music on wireless headphones, and has bought a Huawei smart TV for his living room.The TV not only serves as xu’s fitness instructor and yoga teacher, but also provides entertainment for his family and Xu often uses it to make video calls with his friends and family.In 2022, Xu Zhilin has been 67 years old, but his road to fitness is still progressing. Just as he said, no matter what exercise or what, it doesn’t matter if he starts early or late, as long as he keeps going, he will keep working out, unless one day he really stops working out.References: 1. China News network: Chengdu’s “young” elderly fitness expert: 65 years old, the road to fitness has not come to the end.Red Star News: Burning!The 67-year-old man worked out his 8-pack abs at home and did nearly 100 push-ups in one sitting