Zero run T03, 403km endurance, very fragrant

2022-05-21 0 By

For the front part, the design of T03 is more inclined to please the female host at home. The overall shape is more lovely, and the outline of the line is also inclined to be round.But the soul of the front part, or perhaps zero run T03 front lights, because in the shape, its circular day lights in the recognition and appearance level, true or more outstanding.On the side, the zero-run T03’s design is a little less impressive, and the waist line is just a routine operation.The zero-run T03 is relatively compact;In fact, the T03 is 3620*1652*1592/1577mm in length, width and height, and 2400mm in wheelbase.Tire parts, front and rear wheels are 165/55 R14 specifications.The rear part, zero-run T03’s design is the same as the side, the overall shape is a standard hatchback.Fortunately, its taillight group is a certain sense of three-dimensional, coupled with the appearance of the color, zero RUN T03 is also quite new, such as quicksand powder, coral orange, blue night eyes and other colors, are quite fresh.