Weight loss coffee contains illegal drugs!Lanzhou police have cracked a case involving the production and sale of toxic and harmful food on a major network

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Stamp above the blue word pay attention to us oh!Recently, lanzhou City Public Security Bureau economic investigation detachment lasted more than a year of careful investigation, destroyed a large network production, sales of toxic, harmful “weight loss coffee” criminal gang, captured the main suspects 8, seized more than 3000 packages of toxic and harmful food, destroyed 2 processing sites, seized 3 sets of production equipment,More than 50,000 packages of “Super So, KU AHA” fat-burning “slim coffee” were seized, involving an amount of more than 18 million yuan.In April 2020, police from the Economic Investigation Detachment of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau found that some people were selling “slim coffee” brands such as “Kiki, Super So and KU AHA” through wechat moments while conducting an online patrol.Police commissioned the gansu Province food and Drug inspection institute identification of this type of coffee weight loss, the results showed that the product contains a national ban on “sibutramine” ingredients.Qin Zuoxian, a police officer with the Fifth Brigade of Economic Investigation Brigade of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau, said: “Sibutramine was originally used as an auxiliary treatment for obesity, but because of its side effects, it can suppress appetite, increase heart rate and blood pressure, and in severe cases can lead to stroke or even death.As early as 2010, the State Food and Drug Administration stopped the production, sale and use of sibutramine preparations and apis in China.”The police to investigate the clues and found that the criminal suspect ma LAN colluding with ma, custom from li mou chardonnay “kiki bulletproof slimming coffee”, li mou chardonnay contact Zou Mou tiger production, processing and illegal add “song name” west cloth, production of finished products through the way of delivering logistics sent directly to the ma, ma LAN through WeChat, pay treasure to remit payment to the li mou chardonnay, Zou Mou tiger accounts.In July 2020, the suspect Ma Mou LAN, Ma Mou was arrested;Co-perpetrators Li Mou Xia, Zou Mou Biao was arrested and detained by zhejiang police in May 2020;Another accomplice zhou Mou Nan is on the run.In April 2021, in order to arrest the fugitive Zhou Mou Nan, the Economic investigation detachment of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau insisted on “destroying the network, end of the den, cut the chain” and “the whole link, the whole element, the whole chain” to handle the case concept, and constantly dig new criminal clues.”During this period, the suspect, Zhou Mounan, continued to use wechat moments to sell two brands of fat-burning coffee, Super So and KU AHA, containing sibutramine, which is banned by the state,” said Zhang Yang, a police officer with the Fifth Brigade of Economic Investigation Brigade of Lanzhou Public Security Bureau.On April 7, 2021, the Economic Investigation Detachment of Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau filed a case of “selling toxic and harmful food on April 07” for investigation according to law.Through further investigation, the police found a headed by Zhang the production and sale of toxic and harmful food gang network.The gang is contact xu by zhang zhang set up processing production base in zhejiang yongkang Tian Qiao village, again by meng MouWen form a sales network, a xuan, weekend nan rolled off the production line organization, development, sales, respectively, use WeChat collect order, payment, and sent by Courier, zhejiang, xinjiang, sichuan, Shanghai, shaanxi, heilongjiang and other 16 provinces and cities.According to the police, the suspect was extremely vigilant during the sale of “coffee for losing weight”, and only sold it in wechat moments, and tracked customers’ feedback point-to-point.At the same time, the criminal gang only conducted online transactions and did not meet each other. Once someone was caught by the police, they immediately deleted electronic data to avoid supervision and crackdown.In June 2021, the police went to Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province for field investigation, and found two hidden in the village of production, daily sales, night shipment, by Xu zhangzhang organization personnel delivery to the logistics center.On July 15, 2021, lanzhou City Public Security Bureau economic investigation detachment in the city public Security Bureau related departments and the support of the local police, in Yongkang, Zhejiang province, Tianjin and other places to Zhang, Meng Wenzhang, Xu mou production, sales of toxic and harmful food criminal network unified net, all six suspects arrested.Li Jianjun, chief of the fifth brigade of the Economic investigation Team of lanzhou Public Security Bureau, said: “The production sites are dirty and flies breed around the coffee materials.These coffee with a packet of 34 yuan purchase price from the Internet, the development of the offline wechat business wholesale price of 80 to 100 yuan or So, the terminal sales price of 298 yuan a box, has been seized more than 3000 packages of toxic and harmful food, seizure of ‘Super So, KU AHA’ fat-burning ‘slim coffee’ package of more than 50,000 pieces, involving a value of more than 18 million yuan.”At present, the case has entered the review and prosecution stage.Lanzhou police to remind the masses: during the Spring Festival to enjoy food at the same time, if you want to figure not fat, remember to shut up, take legs, do not blindly believe in weight-loss drugs, meal powder and other products, reasonable diet, strengthen exercise, is the most healthy way to open the Spring Festival!Source: Lanzhou Daily