The girl left home to kill herself in anger police emergency search and rescue

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Serving the people is no small matter, helping the masses to warm people’s hearts.Hanchuan city public Security Bureau chengbei Shuilu police station all the people auxiliary police actively education rectification results into work power, with practical action to practice the “people as the center” purpose, from the side of the little things let the people feel “people’s police for the people” scale more temperature.On February 5 at 5:20 PM, the 110 instructions said: urban century new city store, employee Li, Liu (female) because of work conflict, Liu a li pushed down from the stairs.After receiving the police, the police went to the scene to mediate patiently, the two parties decided to private.At about 11 o ‘clock that night, the institute suddenly received liu so-and-so’s family alarm that Liu so-and-so did not go home after work, have suicidal thoughts, extremely worried family members do not know where to find people, but had to ask for help police.After understanding the situation, the police on duty quickly read the sections of more than 30 surveillance videos, through more than half an hour of efforts, found That Liu had passed the gate of the city’s finance Bureau, then the police and their families searched along the street, and finally found Liu near Huayi Village, the police patient persuasion, Liu eventually went home with his family.