Someone panning for gold in the muck?

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Liuying Village, Tongliang District, Chongqing is a small village with fragrance.The village has more than 5,000 mu of lotus pond, is the national geographic symbol of agricultural products “Tongliang lotus root” the main production.Every winter lotus harvest season, lotus farmers can be seen soaking in the lotus pond, “fighting” with the thick mud, digging out a root of lotus root, piled into a “lotus mountain”.In summer, Liuying village is another scene, next day lotus leaves lined with blossoming lotus, attracting countless visitors to spend the summer vacation.In recent years, with the help of lotus root planting and tourism, the annual per capita income of Liuying village has reached more than 25,000 yuan, leading a comfortable and comfortable life.Do it together, it’s safe!The rise of lotus industry in Liuying village began more than 20 years ago.At that time, liuying village, located deep in the mountains, was struggling to develop due to the lack of transportation and the single farming mode.Forced by life, many young people choose to go out to work.Village Yang Litai is also one of them.During his years as a migrant worker, he found that planting lotus roots paid well, so he took care to learn the techniques.In 2001, Yang litai quit his job and returned to the village to try planting lotus roots in his two-mu field.Unexpectedly, the income in the first year of 3000 yuan.Seeing yanglitai making money by planting lotus roots, the villagers followed.From a few acres, dozens of acres to hundreds of acres, more and more lotus roots are planted in Liying Village.But while production has increased, villagers’ incomes have remained stagnant.At that time, in order to sell the lotus root, you sold a piece of me to eight hair malicious underpricing phenomenon.It’s a solo fight, so no one makes any money.In order to solve this problem, in 2012, led by Yang Litai, together with dozens of lotus farmers in the village, the first lotus cooperative was established in Liuying Village.Since then, the lotus industry in Liuying Village has become more and more stable. There has never been any malign price pressure, and the planting area has rapidly grown from several hundred mu to several thousand mu.Later, with government support, the cooperative signed long-term supply agreements with two of Chongqing’s largest supermarket chains.Every day, more than 50, 000 jin of lotus root is loaded by truck from Liuying village to the city.Seeing the potential of the lotus industry in Liuying Village, Chen bangqi moved there with his family in 2013.On his first day in the village, he was invited to eat pig rice. Later, the villagers also helped him contact the plumber. The president of the cooperative took him to the field to check the lotus root field he rented and invited him to join the village cooperative.Six win people’s enthusiasm, more let Chen Bangqi feel that he came to the right place.Because of his previous experience in sales, Mr. Chen soon took on the job of selling lotus roots in the cooperative.In 2015, when he visited a supermarket, he found that the price of a well-known brand of lotus root was two times higher than that of liuying village.However, both varieties are introduced from the same place, and the planting method is the same. The key is that the quality of lotus root in Liuying village is not worse than that of the brand.Mr. Chen thinks that the reason why they sell at a high price is because of the support of the brand. If liuying lotus wants to grow bigger and stronger, it has to go this way.Return to a cooperative to discuss, we aim at the national “agricultural products geographical indication”.But there are a lot of things that have to be done to get the golden signboard.It needs to be big enough, high quality, and distinctive.In order to build its own brand, Liuying Village began to work on division of labor and cooperation. Some cooperated with surrounding villages to expand the planting area of lotus root, while others focused on quality control to improve the unique quality of liuying lotus root, which is white, crisp and sweet.With concerted efforts, it only took more than three years to promote lotus root planting from a village to the whole Tongliang District, with the planting area reaching 50,000 mu.In 2018, Tongliang Lotus root, mainly produced in Liuying Village, applied for “geographical indication of agricultural products” to the state and got the golden brand two years later.In 2015, relying on the ten thousand mu of lotus pond in the village, Liuying village began to develop rural tourism.At the beginning, there were many problems.At that time, many tourists had trouble finding a place to stay after visiting the village because there was no decent b&B in the village.In order to solve this problem, some people propose that the idle houses in the village can be taken out to open the farmhouse and b&B, and unified management by the village collective.The idea was good, but the villagers were concerned.The house was idle, but it was his own.To the village management, will destroy the original structure, can get due return.At this moment, villager He Wenhui offered to take half of his house out.This is a good thing, the development of the village, everyone is good, there is no need to worry.He Wenhui’s confidence infected everyone, and soon, the second and third houses, and the village signed the contract.Liuying Village has set up a dormitory management company jointly invested by the village committee and the villagers. The villagers take their houses as shares, and the company will transform and operate them in a unified way. The company will not only pay rent, but also share out profits at the end of the year.Today, more than 200,000 visitors a year come to Liuying to stay for a few days and experience the unique charm from the land of lotus roots.Relying on the lotus industry to drive tourism and other industries, the annual sales of Liuying village have exceeded 150 million yuan, and the collective income of the village has increased from several thousand yuan ten years ago to three to four million yuan now.Life in Liuying village is getting hotter and hotter.Tonight at 20:00, walk into Chongqing Liuying Village, feel the power of “concentric win-win”.”Remember Homesickness” Rural Revitalization series broadcast content: “Liuying Village — Lotus Root Township Win-win Together” Broadcast time: February 16, 2022 (Wednesday) 20:00 broadcast channel: CCTV-4 Chinese International channel source:CCTV4 “Remember Homesickness” Chinese Global Program Center New Media Producer/Yang Xiuwen editor/Wang Ran Editor/Wang Xinyu END Wonderful world in control please pay attention to!