“Plant” this green not spring

2022-05-20 0 By

It is a good time to plant trees and add green.On the morning of April 2, some policemen of the New District Court, under the leadership of Pei Zhiyang, a member of the Party group and vice president, went to the resettlement area of modern Agriculture Park in Lanzhou New District to carry out voluntary tree-planting activities, practicing the concept of “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains” with practical actions, adding new green to Lanzhou New District.In the tree planting site, everyone 31 groups, division of labor cooperation, some shovel to fill soil, some seedling training, some bucket irrigation.Despite the dirt covered pants legs and shoes, sweat on the forehead and back, but everyone is still in high spirits, full of energy, digging holes, planting seedlings, filling soil, stepping flat, every step is meticulous, the scene is a scene of full of heat.After two hours of “fighting”, hawthorn trees, apricot trees and other well-arranged, facing the wind, bringing high vitality for spring.The policemen who participated in the voluntary tree planting said that they would actively practice the concept of green development in the future trial and execution work, and contribute to promoting the construction of ecological civilization and high-quality development of Lanzhou New Area.