Jose mourinho’s comments have been positive and only he can move roma

2022-05-20 0 By

Corriere dello Sport today exclusively exposed jose mourinho’s remarks after roma lost to Inter milan on the front page of the cover, and mourinho’s scathing criticism has also caused heated debate.The latter also spoke of his views.”Mourinho’s talk can only be positive, roma have shown in some games that they lack attributes, not just this year, and the manager has just emphasised that in a very energetic way.”Roma’s financial situation is not ideal, but the Friedkin family has invested a lot of money and in my opinion they will continue to be an important target for mourinho this summer. The Friedkin family has a strong financial potential, so they were able to sign mourinho and Abraham.””Roma have made a good offer, but at this level of budget roma still need to find a way to meet the needs of the coach without destroying the club’s finances.””With roma’s budget, I don’t see any other coach taking roma further than mourinho. Mourinho has done everything to try to take the team to the top. Those who say mourinho is not a tactician or that he is past his sell-by date don’t know him.”