The handmade silk carpet is made day and night by splitting and knotting and weaving weft over the course of spring, summer, autumn and winter

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The pattern of handmade silk carpet, every detail, every color, every flower, every bird, every detail, all need to be carefully polished, day and night carefully woven, in order to finally transform into a perfect work.In fact, the design of handmade silk carpet has already exceeded the expression of the design itself, and rise for a kind of artwork, it is not only aesthetic and live, and for the transmission of thought, emotion and existence.When designers, paintbrushes in hand, move slowly and freely on the paper, they are not drawing patterns, but hearts.Many antique rugs are valued for their rarity and beauty.Although the pattern of handmade silk carpet is inherited, with the passage of time, each era will carve the original pattern and evolve a new feeling.This kind of ever-changing expression, also contain the sincere feeling of the life that ten thousand carpet stylist people.The experience of life and horizon, decided the aesthetic of carpet stylist, also decided the height of carpet design.Besides the design, the most valuable thing about silk carpet is that it is woven by hand.Time is an invisible participant in the hand-woven carpet.With thousands of hours of weaving, the weavers, day and night, split the threads and tied the knots, weaving the weft over the course of spring, summer, autumn and winter, creating a carpet that is unique in the world.