“Spring Breeze Action” sent job seekers to move quickly

2022-05-19 0 By

After the Spring Festival, the recruitment peak is coming, my province launched around the “spring breeze action” hot in progress.The campaign, with the theme of “Spring breeze sends warmth, Employment sends true feelings”, will last until March 31, and workers who are willing to find jobs can take advantage of this “spring breeze” to find their favorite jobs.This year’s “Spring Breeze Action” mainly serves: ✑ migrant workers stranded in employment due to the epidemic;✑ Rural labor force willing to transfer to employment, especially the poverty-stricken population, rural low-income population and other key assistance objects;✑ Employers with labor demand, especially important industrial chain and supply chain enterprises.Through various policy support, the province will provide care for the groups in need by keeping their posts, helping them in employment and supporting them in employment.Around our province – ✑ migrant workers return home to ascertain in advance and the enterprise starts to return to work, give full play to their role as the province labor service system, with “beijing-tianjin-hebei”, “long triangle” “guangdong, hk &macau big bay area” to carry out the labor service cooperation and docking, active flowing into in the Huang Hejiu provinces and regions of human resources development, guide the orderly migrant workers, to support the migrant labor force employment poverty.Strengthen the publicity and recommendation of local specialty labor brands, guide workers to actively participate in relevant training and work docking, and promote employment and income of workers with well-known brands.Special buses, trains and charter flights will be provided for those who need to go out in groups based on actual needs and epidemic prevention and control requirements.✑ At the same time, we will provide policy consultation, project recommendation, opening guidance, site arrangement and other entrepreneurial services for returning migrant workers who are willing to start their own businesses, strengthen entrepreneurship training, help solve practical problems such as financing and employment, and encourage and support returning migrant workers to innovate and start their own businesses.People who have been lifted out of poverty or who have returned to poverty that are difficult to find employment through market channels will be provided with public welfare jobs in rural areas.✑ organize special recruitment activities.Offline recruitment site is classified to set up recruitment area, set up a special service desk to provide face-to-face consulting services.Online recruitment activities should be encrypted frequency, and accurate post information should be pushed through remote recruitment, live broadcasting and post matching.At present, the provincial human resources market “spring breeze action” online job fair has been carried out.Shanxi Talent Network opened the “2022 Spring Breeze Action Recruitment Special” and organized various employers to carry out precise recruitment.In addition, the large recruitment fair for taiyuan graduates will be held in Taiyuan Talent Market on February 8th and 9th, at which time more than 300 units will bring more than 10,000 positions to recruit talents.Source: Shanxi Evening News Rector: Li Lintang Hua