In 1986, Deng Jiaxian fell to Beijing

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June 24, 1986 (the 18th day of the fifth lunar month) was an otherwise ordinary Tuesday.In the morning, the bright sunshine made people who had just entered the early summer feel an unbearable heat.People found that many newsstands located in the streets of Beijing, which used to be occupied by tabloids, but this day on the People’s Daily, people’s Liberation Army Daily, and quickly bought up.On the same day, the People’s Daily and The People’s Liberation Army Daily published a long report on the front page of “The Hero of the Two bombs — Deng Jiaxian”.The report introduces the hero of the two bombs Deng Jiaxian in order to develop China’s atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and other nuclear weapons, and his wife Xu Luxi respectively 28 years, an anonymous, hard work, write a new song “loyalty to the country” touching story.This day’s report pushed the scientist Deng Jiaxian to the public.Many relatives and friends of Deng Jiaxian and his wife, Xu Lusxi, held newspapers and were excited.In the Peking University Medical Science Center, many young people waving newspapers ran over and said: “Professor Xu, Professor Xu, look at Deng Jiaxian in the newspaper.”But when they ran to Lu Xi, they saw Lu Xi was in tears. The young man was stunned by the professor’s tears.Older friends and relatives were calling from all over the place to ask questions, almost always with the same sentence: “It’s too sudden for a man who has not known what he was doing for more than 20 years to suddenly announce in the newspapers that he was making atomic and hydrogen bombs.”Some people asked, “Is Deng Jiaxian still alive?”Xu’s heart was filled with sadness as she faced questions from relatives and friends.She silently turned over the calendar with tears in her eyes.Tomorrow, June 25th is the 62nd birthday of her lover Deng Jiaxian…At this time, in the PLA 301 hospital south building of the fifth floor of the 16 bed, weak Deng Jiaxian is lying to receive blood transfusion.His life has entered its final phase.Near noon, xu Lushi went out to buy supplies for Deng Jiaxian, hurried back to the hospital.The sweat was already forming on her forehead because of the heat and the haste with which she walked.Nearly to the ward, she slowed down, put her hand on the forehead covered with sweat, gently into Deng Jiaxian’s ward.Deng Jiaxian was still in a trance.Since Deng Jiaxian was hospitalized, especially after he was critically ill, Xu Luxi went to the hospital every day to take care of her husband, sometimes staying up for days and nights.She wanted to accompany Deng Jiaxian in his last days to complete the journey of life.For more than 20 years, we spent less time together and more time apart.You rarely get a chance to look after him up close.The present reunion, although sad, but also precious.A duty nurse came in with PLA Daily and People’s Daily in her hands.At this moment, Deng Jiaxian woke up from his lethargy. He looked at what his tired wife was going to say. Xu Luxi waved his hand and asked him not to speak.In recent days, the pain brought by advanced rectal cancer is more and more frequent, which torments a tall, robust, intelligent, humorous Deng Jiaxian into bony outlooks.Deng Jiaxian’s eyes shifted to the newspaper in the nurse’s hand. Xu Lushi noticed this detail. She gently shook her husband’s hand, hesitated for a moment, turned to take the newspaper from the nurse’s hand, and slowly and softly read to him:Many senior scientists remember that there was a period in the 1940s when a group of outstanding international nuclear physicists suddenly “disappeared”.The scientists did not appear in public again until the United States successfully exploded its first atomic bomb.China has similar “missing” scientists.Deng Jiaxian is one of them.His work was for a time a top state secret.On October 16, 1964, at 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon, a loud bang, the vast Gobi Desert slowly rising flame rolling mushroom smoke cloud.This world-shaking thunder declared to people: The era of Chinese bullying is over!After the success of the first atomic bomb explosion, Deng Jiaxian’s excited mood has not calmed down, a more difficult work fell on his shoulders and other scientific and technological personnel — the development of hydrogen bomb….In order for the Chinese people to master these technologies with their own wisdom and hands under difficult conditions, in addition to the necessary support from the Party and the state, Deng Jiaxian and others, as scientists directly involved in the research and development work, paid a huge price unimaginable by ordinary people.Xu Lusxi read, gradually, her voice choked, in the moment when she raised her head, she saw that deng Jiaxian’s tears on the hospital bed also slowly overflow the canthus.Xu Luxi put down the newspaper and gently wiped away Deng Jiaxian’s tears with his hands.Perhaps they shook hands too hard, Deng Jiaxian felt pain all over again, slowly, his body twisted into a ball on the bed.Ms. Xu knew that the frequent recurrence of terminal cancer pain had begun to torment her husband like a demon.The medical professor, looking at her husband so painful, but there is nothing she can do, she put her face in pain on Deng Jiaxian’s face, she really wanted to cry loudly, but she knew that at the moment she should give Deng Jiaxian is comfort.She tried not to let the tears flow out, tightly embrace Deng Jiaxian, kept wiping his sweat, comfort.I do not know how long after, Deng Jiaxian’s pain seems to be alleviated, the twisted body back to stretch.Xu lu hoped that Deng Jiaxian, who was lying in her arms, would not believe that her husband, who had made the East sound, would fall down like this.On July 29, 1986, more than a month after Xu Lusxi looked at Deng Jiaxian’s photos, deng Jiaxian, a famous scientist and the hero of the Two Bombs, died of massive bleeding due to advanced cancer.Xu Luxi clutched her husband Deng Jiaxian’s hand and said sadly, “Your blood is exhausted!”In her desperate sobs, the hands of her husband, Deng Jiaxian, slowly turned cold.She asked incredulously, “20 years of waiting, is this it?”In fact, we can not use language to describe the scene of xu Lusxi and Deng Jiaxian’s final farewell, the kind of deep sorrow is also unimaginable to outsiders.Deng Jiaxian was 62 years old that year.When it comes to The success of China’s first atomic bomb explosion, people will remember Deng Jiaxian and his 28 years of incognito dedication in the Gobi Desert for national defense construction.However, xu Luxi and Deng Jiaxian were separated for a long time for 28 years. After 28 years, they were reunited for only one year. However, many people do not know the sad story of Deng Jiaxian’s death.Deng Jiaxian’s wife Xu Lushi has lived an unimaginable simple life so far in order to keep a spirit.Their stories show us that “there are still people in this society whose souls are always pure as angels, who came to this world just to give, just to make the lives of others better…”