The agricultural Development Bank has lent 14.1 billion yuan to projects related to the Winter Olympics

2022-05-18 0 By

According to the Agricultural Development Bank of China (ABC), the agricultural Development Bank of China (ABC) will give full play to its advantages in policy finance and will focus its credit work on supporting the high-quality development of Zhangjiakou.Over the past seven years, a total of 14.1 billion yuan has been lent to 27 winter Olympic-related projects in land consolidation, comprehensive development of forestry resources and environmental governance.In 2021, a loan of 2.66 billion yuan will be invested to support the overall relocation of 5 villages in Chongli District, the construction and development of “Central Kitchen” of agricultural Investment and Investment Food Industrial Park, and the comprehensive development of gardens and forestry in the northern part of Chongli district.