Jing Jing and Wei Wei come on, try to become strong

2022-05-18 0 By

The disturbance never stops, but the essence never changes.For so long, all the fuss and all the purpose has been to distract people from the main line, to get people to focus on the family and all that, instead of the so-called exercise book, the big drugstore.But the net friends are crouching tiger hidden dragon, IQ and EQ are online, not you can guide the direction of public opinion at will.It started with a group of bloggers cooperating with each other in an attempt to create an illusion and manipulate the direction of public opinion, and ultimately ended in failure.But so far, they are still issuing provocative statements, trying to pull them into the water, asking them to clarify and speak out.Again intentionally contact uncle, knowing uncle’s situation, but also intentionally contact him to distort his meaning, but we are adults, a clear-eyed person will know sima Zhao’s heart, everyone knows.To Douyin, some people deliberately contact uncle, and then ridiculously let people quietly sun transfer records, is all kinds of trying to pull weiwei and quietly into the water.Want to let the whole thing into a muddled state, let Xu Ma in the public opinion can not say words, to achieve your purpose.Put it away. No more sophistry.The purpose is too obvious, the backwater does not back network is your thing, really want to back delete all works cancel number on the line, also sent works out what.Those guys have been trying to get Quiet and Willie.Quiet and wei must work hard, become strong, is the most powerful response to what people.So we can protect our families better.66 teacher analysis is right, we must stick to it, waiting for M to X that day.Come on, Xu Ma family, this time do not close to any anchor, believe in their own family.Inside, the little stars who stick to their original aspiration shine and heat together to illuminate the way forward for Wei Wei’s mother.