Beijing flavor Gao Gan: “To my favorite you” full text high sweet high sugar, the plot is compact super good knock

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Hello everybody baby hello, are you in the situation of book shortage recently, do not know what to read?Today recommended, can be described as my heart love!!I believe you will like it!Few words, said the opening ~ today small make up recommend everyone: Beijing flavour hotshot: “I love you” to the full text high sweet sugar, compact plot super good # upon drought # first refused to books: “the wife hard to spoil, the less, please low-key” author: hidden introduction: powerful monstrous, both former boyfriend bully her, don’t you be my woman, huadu no one dare to marry you!The cunning “little fox” smiled slightly: “That good, I will marry hua du only dare to marry my first waste, Xiao Gan!”Into the pit guide: Yang Xiyuan looked at him dumbfounded, heart with his footsteps beat, just now, she almost stepped into the door of death, but in a thousand moments, was the man to pull back.Swish!It’s like time travel back to sophomore year.He also calmly appeared in front of seven or eight thugs, to save himself in danger, but since that rescue, he never looked at himself.High school, like poetry like a dream of youth.He is the most dazzling star in Huadu No.1 Middle School. He has excellent grades, is the top in basketball, and is the top red belt in taekwondo. All the girls are crazy about him.And she was just the least impressive of his thousands of fans.The whole stage that loves him secretly continued her whole youth years, until the boy that calls yunni, walked into her lonely feeling world like snow.Xiao Gan is a dream, a distant dream.Yang Xiyuan lowered her head and looked at the wire in her hand, but she did not have the courage to look at the dreamer who was approaching gradually.Some people close at hand, but across the leap of thousands of gullies.This truth, her high school time for the first time summon up courage, secretly in his schoolbag stuffed a love letter after know!Until now she still clearly remember that called Yu Shanshan school flower, the love letter hit his face expression, disdain, disdain, ridicule.Pain arrows through her heart, shame, inferiority, despair almost let her suicide, is the aunt’s company and comfort, let her climb up from the hell in the mire.From then on, she did not collect all the information related to him like chasing stars, and sealed his heart that had germinated for him.She and Xiao Gan Ben come from two different strata, each like disjoint two parallel lines, along different life track forward.She suffocated in the heart of the strength of the university, graduated to open their favorite tattoo studio, and he was admitted to the military academy to join the army, occasionally listen to people talk, he has been lieutenant colonel rank, unlimited future.Originally thought this life has no intersection of two people, but chance coincidence together.Great change is encountered in his home, be examined by suspension, and she and Yunni make break off, fuming close 108 failures.Coincidentally, that day in the cafe, she did not know where the courage to sit directly opposite him, put forward a marriage request.(Click the following link to read the novel) The second book: “To my favorite you” author: Ye Fei Night Introduction: Beijing taste Gao Gan: “To my favorite you” full text high sweet high sugar, the plot is compact super good to crack!”Husband, I am in maldives now, tonight you look good home!”Since hide can’t, that she run ~ unexpectedly want to make an idea to give oneself a holiday?Tang shi pondered for a moment and directed two words to his assistant.Midnight midnight, the door of the hotel was knocked, across the door gu Qingcheng heard tang’s tone light came: “wife, open the door.”How to get into the pit: Don is holding that nail, throat as if blocked something, a little uncomfortable.He and she weren’t like this before…If it hadn’t been for the incident three years ago, he wouldn’t have been so sarcastic and irresponsible about her after he slept with her.It was a sharp thorn in his heart that he would never speak of again in his life.In fact, he is not willing to and she become such, but, if he is not so, she can so again and again around him turn?Don’t want her, he loathe to give up, so want her, marry with her, afraid be, she can hide him early far hide far, won’t be like now, on his body with so much thought.- Gu Did not dare to let gu’s people see their confusion, she from the back door of the house, directly around the house, back to the second floor of his bedroom.Back in her room she took a bath first, as if that was the only way she could wash away all the humiliation he had inflicted on her.After taking a bath, Gu Qingcheng stood in front of the floor mirror in her bedroom, seeing her body scarred, her eyes dimmed.On the neck, the last time in the “red garden” resort was she bite that one, now the blue purple has not faded, fingernail pinched broken palm, pain of the heart.Gu Qingcheng lowered her eyes, quickly put on pajamas and climbed directly into bed. She tightly wrapped the quilt, obviously very tired, but could not sleep.In the midst of all this confusion in her mind, her cell phone suddenly rang.Introduction: After Marriage — On valentine’s Day, Han Jingnian asked, “How shall I spend today?”Summer good night hug quilt, sleepy answer: “sleep.”On Christmas Day, Han Jingnian asked, “How shall I spend today?”Summer good night holding a pillow, carelessly answer: “sleep.”On their wedding anniversary, Han Jingnian held a glass of water and asked, How will you spend today?Guide to pit entry:Distance and time he arranged to license and an hour, she dressed herself, she in front of the mirror once every five minutes, take a look at the time, every three minutes she look forward to look forward to, finally look forward to the help of telephone, zhang to tell her, there are still five minutes, went to the door of her home, she did not even regard girls missish, immediately hung up the phone and ran to the door waiting for,His car, the door is opened, is a special help, help her to pull the door, she thought she was in the car, but she got in the car, she found out, empty inside, she was the only one, she thought he might be busy again, sent zhang’s help to pick her up, first can wait until the car driving up to the civil affairs bureau directly, did she leng leng asked zhang to help: “he?”She will never forget, after listening to her words, Zhang Special help to see her eyes, there is guilt and sympathy.She will never forget, Zhang Tezhu that day back to her words: “Han has a temporary job, flew to Shanghai, he asked me to accompany you to handle the marriage formalities.”Secret love for six years, married for two years, eight years of time, summer good night never tired, but now, she also do not know their exactly is how, in his office, hear him that sentence “when she entered the Han” began, she suddenly felt tired, very tired very tired of the kind of tired……Tired to…She feels like she can’t make it through this never-ending relationship.”Good night, are you awake?”Behind came the soft weak weak voice, let the summer good night.She turned her head and saw Ginger, who had woken up at some unknown moment.Summer good night subconscious mobile phone according to the lock screen, smiling at Ai Jiang said: “Good morning.”She said, “Good morning,” and pointed to the kitchen. “Are you hungry?I’ll make you something to eat…””Yeah…”Summer good night smiling back: “…I’m going to take a shower. I’ll help you later.”Such as Ai Jiang into the kitchen, summer good night just into the bathroom.After locking the door, summer good night side squeeze toothpaste, side opened the mobile phone to see again.Han Jingnian called her three times last night…It’s not an emergency, is it?Is a Korean family?Her house?Summer good night to think, or to Han Jingnian back a phone.To her surprise, the phone was answered in seconds.”Er…”Summer good night leng leng: “that, last night you called me, what matter?”The other end of the phone was silent for a few seconds: “Where is the water stuck?”Hearing this sentence, xia Goodnight suddenly remembered last night he asked her this sentence, she seems to answer a sentence “when I think of it, tell you in a dream…”Summer good night dark dizzy two seconds, zhang Mouth back: “Oh, sorry, I forgot to dream last night…”(Click the link below to read the novel) The above is all the novels introduced to you today, if you like it, hurry to read it, don’t forget to bookmark and share!Past wonderful content review: Military marriage: Secret love of Military marriage: Qin Shao’s Buddhist Little Wife gao Leng Queen VS handsome army little, hold up!She gave birth to a boy and a girl in prison, but he took her away…Ancient words: “Peach blossom” belly black male VS high IQ female, more knock more head!He drove her crazy with love and hate, and she died laughing in front of him