Banks should adhere to the financial services to break the determination and confidence of the firm

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Wang Qing/article did not expect to buy bank financial products without interest even loss of money!””Did you lose money on the bank wealth management products you bought?”Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about this topic on social media platforms.The year 2022 is regarded as the first year of the implementation of the new rules on asset management, which also means the end of the previous era of rigid payment of bank financial management “principal and interest guarantee”.However, due to the influence of multiple factors, the market fluctuated greatly in the first year of net worth, and bank financial products, which have always been known for their stability, also fell below the net value in many cases.Against this backdrop, we note that investors are complaining and less enthusiastic about buying.At the same time, bank financial management subsidiaries also began to “sit”, not only publicly sent a letter to appease, but also appeared to buy back their own products.We believe that it is understandable that banks hope to regain investor confidence through self-purchase, but it is also important to understand that the concepts of “caveat emptor” and “broken exchange” are not only implemented by investors, but also by banks’ financial management subsidiaries themselves.While calling on investors to keep pace with The Times and update their investment concepts in time, financial management subsidiaries are also required to have the confidence to firmly implement them.Otherwise, once the market has normal fluctuations, financial institutions will purchase large amounts of money by themselves. When can investors really understand that “the market is risky and investment needs to be cautious”?So, the real landing of capital management new rules also have no way to talk about.In fact, the preference for bank financing investors, mostly belong to the risk level sensitive crowd.In this group of customers who enjoy the dividend of the era of “principal and interest protection”, buying bank financial products is basically equivalent to buying stability and confidence.However, Wind data show that as of April 6, after excluding products with no net value in the recent six months, bank financial subsidiaries issued a total of 27,324 financial products, of which the number of broken financial products was 1,372, accounting for about 5.02% of all issued products.In the face of market fluctuations, bank financial subsidiaries have issued open letters to appease investors, and some of them even spent hundreds of millions of yuan on their own purchase.We believe that, with the continuous advancement of net worth transformation, for most investors, steady no longer simply means risk-free financial management with principal and interest guaranteed, but relatively steady financial management with short-term fluctuations but long-term holding can obtain relatively steady income.As investors, we should also look at the investment technology rationally. The era of “closing our eyes” to buy bank financial products is gone forever.It should be clearly recognized that despite the current market volatility, bank financial products are still robust compared with other investment types, and the scale of broken financial products is relatively small.Current net losses do not mean actual losses.When buying products in the future, investors should fully consider the various risks they may face, after all, risk is the background of the capital market.Only by adhering to asset allocation and long-term holding can we resist risks and obtain steady returns.At the same time, bank financial subsidiaries should also speed up the practice of “internal skills”.Individual investors in bank financial products are still the absolute main force.According to the Annual Report of China banking Finance Market (2021), by the end of 2021, the number of investors holding wealth management products reached 81.3 million, with a year-on-year growth of 95.31%.Among them, the number of individual investors accounted for up to 99.23%.In the market fluctuations choose to buy, although in boosting market confidence has a certain role, but the overall effect is still limited.Only by truly doing a good job in customer service and investor education can we truly gain the trust and recognition of investors, which is also the cornerstone of the implementation of the concept of “Baogangdui”.At the same time, improve investment and research capacity, design products to meet the risk preference and liquidity needs of investors.In the past, the single investment portfolio of bank financial products has been difficult to resist the risks brought by market fluctuations. Only by closely tracking the market, constantly optimizing asset allocation plans, balancing multi-strategy asset holdings and sticking to long-term investment can customers understand that “time will eventually be on your side”.In addition, information disclosure is also a key part of the net worth transformation of bank financial products.As a financial management subsidiary of a bank, it should timely, fully and accurately disclose product information, especially the risk changes of investment targets.Only on this basis can investors fully and comprehensively understand the product, which is also the premise of caveat emptor.Only with the joint efforts of investors and bank finance subsidiaries can the bank finance market move steadily towards high-quality development.This article is authenticated by The Economic Observer. Visit Yuanben. IO for authorization information.