Jointing growth of Rural Tourism (Entering traditional Villages)

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In the afternoon, two old people in Dongcheng village are enjoying the sunshine by the window of their old house.In recent years, with the booming development of rural tourism, the “hardware” and “software” in the village have been upgraded synchronously, and both “environmental beauty” and “life beauty” have made the villagers’ life more and more comfortable.On a spring day, villagers are farming in the mountains of Zhizhi, which are full of flowers.Yi Zhi Mountain is located at the junction of Shangyu District of Shaoxing City, Shengzhou City and Yuyao city of Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province. Dongcheng Village is located on the top of Yi Zhi Mountain. Looking down on the surrounding area, the mountains are rolling, the clouds and mists are shrouded, beautiful and spectacular.Artisans in Dongcheng village weave bamboo baskets.Through the development of leisure agriculture, rural tourism and other new industries and new forms of business, dongcheng village villagers have more employment opportunities.A ray of sunlight casts a sea of rape flowers in dongcheng village’s thousand-year-old terraced fields.The terracing fields cultivated and planted for thousands of years are located on the Northern Slope of Lianzhi Mountain. More than 23,000 terracing fields totaling more than 2,300 mu pour down from the mountainside, magnificent and magnificent, and become an important tourist attraction in Dongcheng Village.Dongcheng village sweet potato harvest, a child picked out the biggest sweet potato to entertain guests from afar.At present, the village has a total of 46 homestay, farmhouse, reception capacity is getting stronger, all kinds of tourism employees nearly 300 people.Dongcheng village in the “micro transformation, refined upgrade” after the b&B picturesque.In order to protect the original rural scenery, local authorities carry out the renovation and protection of ancient villages and buildings and strengthen the control of building facade features on the basis of investigation and research on the history and culture of ancient villages.After several years of construction, the previously idle land and dwellings have been “activated”, and the ancient style and full sense of design of the b&B has attracted many tourists.In March yangchun, the rape flower sea in the millennium terrace of Dongcheng Village, Lingnan Township, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, attracts many tourists.The 861 Rural Innovation Center in the village wafts the aroma of coffee, and some visitors stop here to enjoy the idyllic time.Xu Aihong, the shop assistant, was busy: “I have to start preparing early in the morning, and I am even more busy on weekends.”Xu Aihong, 65, a long-time farmer, is now a barista at the rustic cafe.She said she learned the craft from a Maker from Shanghai who runs a b&B in the village. “It took three months to learn systematically, and now I can make all kinds of basic coffee.”The new career allowed her to earn a good income on the side of farming.Yu Yeqin, a member of the Lingnan Township Party Committee, told reporters that thanks to the development of rural tourism, there are many local farmers who have found new jobs.Not only that, some handicraftsmen in the countryside also had development opportunities.”I learned carpentry when I was young, but I couldn’t go out to work due to my family’s poor health.You see, you can get work without going out of the village now, and it pays well.”Carpenter Liang Baixiu says his skills have come in handy as more b&Bs have been built in his village.With rocks as neighbors and mountains as companions, Dongcheng Village, a century-old village located on the top of The Hills of Zhiping, is one of the first provincial traditional villages in Zhejiang Province and was rated as the second batch of national key rural tourism villages in 2020.In recent years, relying on glacier relics, thousand-year-old terraced fields and other characteristic tourism resources, the local culture and tourism integration, to create the “Shishangdongcheng” tourism brand.In 2021, Dongcheng Village cooperated with Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics to carry out “micro transformation and refinement improvement” for many b&B courtyards in the village.On the basis of retaining the characteristic charm of mountain residence, the student team integrated more modern elements.”The whole village has come alive and the old village has become ‘young’.”Yu Yeqin’s words are full of joy.With the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization, rural beauty drives tourism boom, and leisure agriculture grows in the field at jointing, reflecting the accelerated development of new industries and new forms of business in rural areas.According to statistics, in 2021, Dongcheng Village received more than 1 million tourists, realized tourism economic income of more than 30 million yuan, villagers’ income increased by more than 6 million yuan, and the growth rate of village-level collective economic income reached 65%.Format design: CAI Huawei