Iflytek launches barrier-free smart communication products for the hearing-impaired free of charge

2022-05-17 0 By

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, IFlytek has sent a sincere New Year gift to the hearing-impaired — its barrier-free intelligent communication product, “Listening Assistant”, has been officially launched and is open to the hearing-impaired for free to accompany them to visit the hearing-impaired and share the festive atmosphere of the New Year.Listening assistant: Meeting the needs of barrier-free communication for hearing-impaired people According to the introduction, listening assistant supports functions such as voice and text translation during real-time calls, AI assistant for answering, picture taking and reading, and face-to-face chat, which can meet the needs of communication in diverse scenarios.Real time.Listening assistant can make and receive calls through wechat mini program, accurately identify the speech of hearing impaired people as text for hearing impaired people to view, and intelligently recommend reply when hearing impaired people type reply, shortening typing time and making the call smoothly.Assistant on the line.In 2016, Iflytek pioneered the intelligent answer product of “pick up the phone” and continued to polish it.After it was officially launched in 2019, the accumulated service users exceeded 30 million.When unable to answer the phone, the listening assistant can support intelligent identification of more than 40 industries, over 180 call intentions and automatic answer, allowing the setting of personalized image expression and multi-dialect answering mode, so that the virtual answering assistant’s reply more close to the user’s communication habits.Figure reading aloud and chatting face to face.In addition, the listening assistant is also a small assistant for daily life communication, supporting photo reading and face-to-face chat.Taking pictures to read aloud can identify the text content of textbooks and periodicals by taking pictures, scan the text and use sound restoration to achieve emotional reading aloud;Face-to-face chat can automatically identify different speakers and realize offline instant communication with intelligent recommendation reply.It is worth mentioning that sound restoration, as a highlight of “Listening Assistant”, is the first creative application of industry-leading sound reproduction technology in the field of sound restoration for the hearing-impaired.By collecting the voice characteristics of hearing-impaired people for one minute, a “dedicated speaker” with similar timbre and perfect pronunciation can be generated, which can be applied to real-time phone calls, face-to-face chatting, photo reading and other scenes, helping hearing-impaired people better convey their emotions.Hearing-impaired people can use “original voice” to send wishes for the Year of the Tiger to choose the New Year online. The Assistant can also let hearing-impaired people use their “original voice” to make phone calls or send greetings to relatives and friends face to face, so that the joy and hope of the New Year can be transmitted to people around them.On the day of its launch, the official account “Love Listening Assistant” invited the hearing-impaired to welcome The Chinese New Year.After being certified, hearing-impaired people can use the voice restoration function to create their own “speakers”, who can use the “original voice” to deliver New Year’s greetings during real-time phone calls or face-to-face chats. Smart recommended words and common expressions can be input with one click, and warm wishes for the Year of the Tiger can be sent to relatives and friends.It is reported that new users of listening Assistant can get a free 3-month experience period after registration, and those with hearing impairment who pass the certification will automatically get a one-year free service period, and they can get another one-year free service period after re-certification.Out of the bright road of “AI public welfare and corporate responsibility”, iFLYtek has been deeply engaged in the intelligent speech industry for 23 years. The image recognition, speech recognition, machine translation, intelligent speech synthesis and other technologies developed by iflytek are leading the peers in the world.Iflytek was also named one of the world’s 50 Smartest companies by MIT Technology Review.Over the years, IFLYtek has always been adhering to the concept of “touching public welfare, making science and technology have feelings”. Starting from its own advantage of high technology, iflytek has done public welfare in its own field and actively sought the combination of science and technology, public welfare and social responsibility.The online listening Assistant is another information barrier-free construction measure for the benefit of people with disabilities, following ifly.com’s open platform to support barrier-free applications, Ifly.com’s public welfare activity “Hear the voice of AI”, and Ifly.COM’s creation of “barrier-free input method”.In the future, IFlyTek Listening Assistant will continue to provide more barrier-free communication services in social communication, home and office, help disabled people better integrate into social life, and strive to become a personal assistant for all special groups of users.Chief Editor: Wang Xiaohui