After falling behind at half-time in the Women’s Asian Cup final, how does water coaching motivate players

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CCTV interview with Shui Qingxia :0-2 after the half-court lounge said what?Asked here Shuiqingxia guidance burst into tears, had prepared a lot of words, a lot of criticism, but to see the tired players, she did not say.She said: first, I was angry. Second, it was not right to lose the ball. I was very sad.You can not win the championship but you can not easily lose the match, you need to show some fighting spirit of women’s football!For Tang Jialii and Wang Shuang, Shui Qingxia was very angry. First, according to the data, the two players did not play a role in the defense, the defense did not actively run, and the forward closing down after losing the ball was not enough.Secondly, as the core, he should take more responsibilities. He said many times and emphasized many times about the recovery of the front court, but failed to do it.If it’s like that in the second half, then you don’t come off the pitch, you don’t play the core, you don’t deserve to play.So in the second half, the women’s football team strengthened the front court closing to limit the Korean women’s football team to half the court, and finally turned the game.Tang jiali took over the match after Wang Shuang’s exit, and finally the women’s football team came back to win the championship.After finishing these shui Qingxia guidance again did not hold back tears, for this championship she has been saying that the players are not easy, compared to their own players, she used a lot of love to love these players to care about these players.