“A bite of The Winter Olympics” : The debut of colorful oat noodles in Zhangjiakou

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The picture shows oat noodle chefs making oat noodle.Photo taken by Xiao Guangming (walking on the ground in Spring) :Zhangjiakou colorful you flour released Saturday remember zhangjiakou on February 8 (reporter Guang-ming xiao) 8, in the “mountain city” beyond the Great Wall zhangjiakou a large entry gate scenic spot you flour museum, colorful you flour in you flour master crowded, volume, pressure, pushing and the combination, a leisurely contains the elements of games are you flour food appears in front of the visitor.The picture shows the ingenious combination of oat noodle food refueling for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Xiao Guangming naked oat noodle is a traditional characteristic food in Zhangjiakou, made from naked oats, known as the “pearl outside the Sea”.In 2012, zhangjiakou oat noodle making techniques were included in hebei Province’s intangible cultural Heritage list.As the Beijing Winter Olympics are underway, Zhangjiakou, the “City of Winter Olympics”, is serving regional delicacies to entertain visitors from all over the world.The picture shows the ingenious combination of oat noodle food refueling for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Zhao Zhenlong, 42, is the director of the oat noodle Museum, which he opened with his friends in 2021 because he loves local culture and food.The museum tells the story of oat noodles in detail through on-site production display, display of folk goods and scene experience.The picture shows a corner of oat noodle Museum.Walking into the museum of oat noodle, you can find the earth kang, the big quilt, the radio, the red wood table, the flower cotton-padded jacket…People’s life scenes in bashang area in the 1970s and 1980s were restored and became a place for visitors to take photos and punch cards.In the homemade oat noodle experience area, oat noodle chefs rub different colored vegetable juices into pieces of oat noodle, and then combine colored oat noodle rolls into words and shapes to wish the Winter Olympics, which is very festive.Tourists also take an active part in this activity. Under the teaching of oat noodle chefs, they make all kinds of oat noodle products, so that they can learn about local culture while eating delicious food.The picture shows a corner of oat noodle Museum.Naked oats like cold cold, drought tolerance, in zhangjiakou region planting history.It is reported, naked oats at least 2500 years of history, its earliest origins in the alpine area of North China, later gradually become one of the main food crops in the northern alpine area.The picture shows a corner of oat noodle Museum.”A basket of naked oat noodles, from harvesting to serving on the table, needs to go through ‘three raw and three cooked’.”According to Zhao Zhenlong, “sansheng” are respectively harvesting threshing, grinding into surface, and surface forming;”3 ripe” it is the naked oats after the naked oats that should go to the shell before grinding naked oat fry cooked, boiling water should be used when mixing flour to pour cooked naked oat face, steam cooked naked oat face with tray finally.”Compared with traditional oat noodles, modern oat noodles with different colors of vegetable juice can show different colors, making people more appetizer,” she said.Zhao zhenlong said that oat noodles are rich in nutrients, containing a variety of nutritional elements needed by the human body. In Zhangjiakou, people often say that there are “three treasures outside the mouth” — oat noodles, yatids and large fur coats, among which oat noodles are the first.The picture shows a corner of oat noodle Museum.Today, oat noodles are no longer limited to the traditional way of making them. Zhao Zhenlong and his friends jointly researched and developed oat noodles through fine processing and deep processing, and produced a series of oat noodles, oat noodles beer, oat noodles white wine, oat noodles cookies, oat noodles Shaqema and other delicious products.”By taking advantage of the Beijing Winter Olympics, we will better present Zhangjiakou’s food culture and knowledge of oat noodles to the world and tourists, so that more people can know Zhangjiakou.”Zhao Zhenlong said.Source: Chinanews.com