Zhengyang County: focus on renovating the living environment to polish the background of rural revitalization

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Zhenyang county:During the residential environment to polish rural revitalization of the base, in recent years, zhenyang county seriously implement the central and provincial, city all policy decisions about rural living environment improvement, to advance the rural living garbage processing, sewage treatment, household restroom transformation, village CunMao ascending key work, the county rural situation has made new breakthroughs, new changes and new ascension,It has won the honorary titles of provincial Advanced County in improving rural living environment, provincial demonstration County in the construction of “Four Beautiful villages” and provincial advanced County in the three-year action of rural living environment renovation.We should adhere to the guidance of planning and adapt measures to local conditions.Zhengyang County has scientifically drawn up a classification and layout plan for 295 administrative villages in accordance with the overall plan for urban and rural development, the plan for rural revitalization, the plan for territorial space and the plan for ecological protection.We will follow differentiated guidance and step-by-step implementation, base ourselves on village conditions and give priority to practical results. We will not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach or blindly demolish and build on a large scale.In front and back of village public areas and people’s houses, green is inserted and green is added in the air. Vegetables are vegetables, forests are forests, fruits are fruits, and gardens are gardens.Adhere to demonstration drive, full participation.In environmental remediation, Zhengyang County focuses on building demonstration villages of “Ten million projects” and “Four Beautiful villages”, organizing village cadres and the masses to study and observe, and playing a leading role in demonstration.Vigorously carry out the “Five Beautiful courtyard” demonstration households, civilized households, sanitation households and other selection activities, with the typical people around the masses to promote the masses, motivate the masses, lead the masses.Township sages were mobilized to help improve the living environment by donating money and materials, street lamps and projects, forming joint efforts.Adhere to continuous investment, normal long-term.The annual budget of Zhengyang County is 65 million yuan. By purchasing socialized services, the city and countryside are fully covered by garbage cleaning, collection, transportation and treatment.To plan and implement PPP projects for rural living environment improvement, in accordance with the standards of pollution control, water purification, access, pipe laying, greening, beautification and lighting, to achieve the “four improvement” of the living environment in the county.Implement the responsibility system of “three guarantees” in front of the door, guide farmers to consciously clean the environment in front of the house, the back of the house, and the courtyard house, so as to maintain the normal and long-term.Through “four discussion two open” work law, guide the masses consciously pay cleaning fees.Adhere to the true supervision and investigation, strict rewards and punishments.Three supervision groups led by county-level leaders were set up to conduct weekly supervision of the towns, and the supervision results were included in the monthly evaluation results. Typical problems found in the supervision were made into special films and played in the promotion meeting.The top three and the bottom three towns will be awarded red and black flags and rewarded with 30,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan respectively.After two consecutive three township head interview.Zhengyang County has concentrated on improving the rural living environment to enhance the background of rural revitalization. Today, Zhengyang County has a series of villages, neat rows of farms and courtyards, clean and tidy roads, and idyllic scenery.It has effectively improved the living environment in rural areas, raised the quality of life of the people, and enhanced their sense of gain and happiness.