New Year’s Eve Qingdao after 80 old drivers open the last bus “ferry” railway passengers

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Peninsula all media reporter Ma Zhengtuo January 31 New Year’s Eve, Qingdao City Transport holding bus group Laoshan bus company after 80 driver Zhang Nan, the first to undertake the task of docking the last train, for the late arrival of railway passengers to provide connecting services, let them go home early reunion.And citizens travel to provide a strong guarantee.Zhang nan said that although this is the first time for him to be on duty for the last shuttle bus, it is meaningful to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the New Year with the warmest service and passengers.Zhang Nan is 307 route of a driver, engaged in the bus driving job for many years.Every year on holidays, his master Bi Guojun always takes the initiative to take the place of the last train. After years of following the train and accumulating rich experience, this year he will undertake the work of docking the last train for the first time.”It’s nothing to leave the last train during the festival. It’s just a pity that we can’t spend time with our families because it’s a reunion day.”Zhang Nan only use this insipid words and pass.Zhang Nan’s child is young, very need father’s company, because the daily work is busy, father and son meet time is limited, the child is very looking forward to holiday can get along with father more time, Zhang Nan has given the opportunity to reunite with family to other colleagues.”My father drove a big bus to send many people home for the Spring Festival.I’m proud of my dad.”Children, zhang Nan did a good job of the biggest power.”The old man and his wife and children are very understanding and supportive.”Zhang Nan said, a lot of passengers in the family reunion dinner after sitting on the bus to express sympathy for his hard work, greet each other, let a person’s heart warm, also inspired Zhang Nan should better serve the passengers, do a better job.Over the years, Mr. Zhang has never had an accident or a passenger complaint. During holidays, he volunteered to take on more of the operation and send other drivers home early for the holidays.Not only that, on rainy or snowy days, he would voluntarily give up rest and go to the road team to help sprinkle snow melt and start the car. He devoted too much time to the team and the passengers.”We have many veteran comrades who have stayed at their posts for decades.I have only one rule: as long as there is a passenger, MY car will run.”Nan said.”Work in one line of specialization, bear hardships first, regardless of personal gain and loss, and think more for the masses.”Zhang Nan always bear in mind the original party commitment.Over the years, Zhang Nan stick to the post, study with great concentration, constantly improve their maintenance and driving skills, adhere to concentrate on safe driving, never appeared any size of traffic accidents.He cherish the car as life, pay attention to strengthen the daily maintenance of the vehicle.While doing his own work well, he also actively led the team members to extend their service to social public welfare undertakings, often leading the team members to participate in community voluntary labor, volunteer services and other public welfare activities.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: