How did the Nets come back?

2022-05-16 0 By

Today’s game in the first half of defensive playoff level is in New York, when every ball defense is worrying, the nets and there is no such not afraid of the durant, meng, into not go back, anyway is meng also not prevent the defender, New York is playing along, I am yourself muttering that while watching the ball as far as such proof?Hey, how come this ball isn’t defended?…New York ran out of gas in the second half…One of the reasons for this is the reverse, the first half half the strength of New York played a finals and the nets is meng made a night’s sleep, to the last section completely failed to keep pace with the nets in New York, you go over the first quarter and then look at the four directly, is almost the same, another uniform color, the New York scored too difficult, because the nets into the defense tearing the type of the playoffs,Remember when Green said the Warriors were up by 1.20 points in the first half of the rockets series and the Warriors came back in the second half because the rockets ran out of energy and couldn’t defend, the Warriors had a plan, the nets didn’t have a plan in the first half, that’s the difference.But the Nets didn’t give up…This is the main reason why the Nets turned around, the Knicks thought I beat the nets so hard that they capitalized, clocked out at half time, didn’t have to allocate energy, but the Nets didn’t capitalize.The Nets gave durant 40 + million Kyrie 30 + Simmons 30 + Joha 17 + 120 +!The rest of the group that came on really deserved credit.