From heaven!The digger pulled down the pole and killed the cyclist

2022-05-16 0 By

Modern express news (reporter correspondent Zhao Weijun Mao Xiaohua) the morning of February 25th, taizhou jiangyan along streets tragedy Ezra qiantang river road bridge on the east side, a excavator to crawl tablet transport vehicle, the mechanical arm cable hook on the air, suddenly dragged aside cement pole broken, right past onto the bike man, the man died.A reporter at the scene provided a public video camera to record the whole process of the accident.When the incident occurred, the excavator came out of a site near the right side of the road and crawled backward to the flat car. When the operator moved the mechanical arm to adjust the body, he hooked the overhead cable. The driver failed to suspend the operation in time because of neglect of observation.Under the strong pull force, a five or six meters high, diameter of about 30 centimeters of cement pole from the root fracture, hit the road, just hit the road riding three men’s head, the surrounding people quickly together to lift the cement pole, but the man died because of his injuries.At present, the driver has been taken away by the police, the cause of the accident is further investigation.Source: Modern Express All Media