Tieling City Spring Love Volunteers Association for seven consecutive years to accompany the elderly lonely New Year

2022-05-15 0 By

January 31, 2022 is the Chinese traditional festival New Year’s Eve. Every family is busy to welcome the arrival of the New Year.Early in the morning, Tieling City Yinzhou District party committee propaganda department deputy minister, civilization office director Zhao Honglun and spring love association volunteers came to the long-term care of the elderly – sand gully Yang aunt home, for her with eggs, vegetables, fruit and some cash and other gifts, and the old man “yi qi over the New Year”.They help her paste Spring Festival couplets, clean the house, make dumplings and talk about daily life.Young volunteer Yu Tongche, a college student from China Academy of Art, not only gave the old man a New Year red envelope, took photos for him, made dumplings for him, but also drew a sketch for him on the spot.The old man said happily, “This painting is better than mine.”Cause a scene of laughter.This year marks the seventh consecutive year of the campaign, and Aunt Yang is 90 years old.Every year at this time, volunteers from the Spring Love Association come to visit her at home and buy her daily necessities such as underwear, cotton boots and toothpaste. Some volunteers also give money to the elderly to make her feel happy on this special day.Every year on New Year’s Eve, Aunt Yang is always president Yang Chunguang’s heart care, let the old man happy Spring Festival is always his wish.He led the volunteers to stay true to their original aspiration and dedicated warmth. They spent the New Year’s Eve with the elderly as their sons and daughters went home for the Chinese New Year, making the elderly see that there are such a group of people who have been thinking about her and caring about her, and feeling the warmth from the government and the social family.(Reporter Zhao Zengyu, editor Xiang Xue, Huashang Daily)