Red lanterns, Chinese knots and small window decorations make wuhan subway full of New Year flavor

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Outside the station bursts of cold, station harmony as spring.January 26 is the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month, the South Little New Year, at 9:00 a.m., Wuhan rail transit Line 5 Wuhan Station East square station station on duty station Song Juan and past passengers warm exchange, to send New Year wishes;Members of the subway Electric Power Lei Feng volunteer service team and mechanical and electrical professionals handed out beautiful calendar of the Year of the Tiger for free to passengers returning home for the Spring Festival, and interactively searched for safety devices and fire alarm devices in the station with passengers, so as to improve citizens’ awareness of travel safety through education and fun.As the Spring Festival is approaching, the East Square station of Wuhan Metro Line 5, which is the first time to join the procession of Spring Festival travel, has hung red lanterns, Chinese knots, small light strings, pasted window decorations and the character of “fu”, which are integrated with the columns of “infortitude and standing ground” in the station, which symbolize the “rise of river City”, creating a warm and festive atmosphere.New automation lines, new facilities, new environment, the station since open station operations are pushing their convenient to sign the “rainbow” “any registration card” civilian act “convenience treasure box” and other characteristics, passengers off the train into line 5, in the new opening is convenient and comfortable experience at the same time, also feel the warmth of home inns and warm heart.Adjacent to Wuhan Railway Station of Line 4 in the east Square of Wuhan Station of Line 5, the staff of the station, the railway station and the station office jointly carry out the activity of “Welcome Spring Travel · Love Full Journey” to cut window flowers and send blessings.The ink-blue uniforms of the railway and the plum red uniforms of the subway are in perfect contrast, and they are busy sending various kinds of paper-cuts cut in advance by the subway staff, so that the passengers returning home during the Spring Festival travel rush can bring a touch of “blessing” to their hometown.At Houhu Avenue station, where line 3 and Yangluo line transfer, the station organized an activity called “Writing couplets, sending fu characters and celebrating Chinese New Year” to send New Year wishes to passing passengers in a special way, adding to the festive atmosphere.Dong Fangping, a passenger over 60, wrote “Tiger Ping ‘an welcomes guests to travel to three towns, return to the earth in spring and take the subway to spring” on the spot and sent it to Liao Ying, the station master on duty.Since the launch of the Spring Festival travel rush, the whole network continues to carry out “Orange Meaning +”, “Road action”, “Meihong Bay” and other characteristics of warm heart good service, showing a safe and peaceful, festive and warm atmosphere of public transport travel.(Article/Zhu Jing contention production Qidou picture/production qidou video shooting/Bao Hai video production/Tu Youcheng) (Editor: Xiao Luxin, Guan Xiyan) Share so that more people can see