Gu Ailing’s first live broadcast, Zhang Yixing’s line was teased, I don’t know the other person is the Olympic champion

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As the Winter Olympics came to an end, Gu Ailing, the Chinese athlete who won the most MEDALS in the games, launched a live broadcast on the short video platform on the evening of February 19. According to the statistics on the platform, the number of viewers peaked at more than 14 million, which is comparable to the performance of A-list stars.Gu was a little nervous at the beginning of the live broadcast. She paused a lot in the middle of the broadcast and gradually found the rhythm. She was very generous in the rest of the broadcast, taking the initiative to tell some interesting stories about skiing training and share her life.After the host appeared, he briefly chatted with Gu Ailing about the Winter Olympics. The scene was harmonious. After Zhang Yixing appeared on the live broadcast, the conversation turned awkward and attracted many netizens’ ridicule.When Zhang Yixing went online, perhaps out of politeness, he called him Miss Gu, a name that is not common in sports circles. After hearing this, Gu Ailing asked Zhang Yixing to call him by his name several times, but He still called him Miss Gu.The host also quickly changed the subject and asked Zhang Yixing, a singer, to recommend some songs so That Gu Could listen to them while practicing. Zhang Yixing recommended his song “Honey”, but When Gu Heard it, she directly asked whose song it was, which shows that she doesn’t know Zhang Yixing as a singer.Zhang has since gone on to recommend his other songs, invite him to rap, make songs together, and even say they can exchange contact information and take her to eat food, regardless of each other’s feelings.It seems that both sides were unfamiliar with each other’s identities before this live broadcast, but it’s normal for athletes not to be familiar with singers, but it’s not normal for Zhang Yixing not to know Gu Ailing.When the host mentioned Bing Dwen Dwen, Zhang Yixing asked Gu: do you have Bing Dwen Dwen?Gu Is not only the Chinese athlete at the Winter Olympics, she has already won two gold MEDALS and one silver.The question from Zhang yixing, one of the most popular athletes in the Olympics, reveals that he doesn’t follow the Games and therefore doesn’t know that Gu, who is connected, is an Olympic champion.Was broadcast live to join star connection part, it is used to active atmosphere to attract audience discussed, results lay a can actually make the atmosphere of the studio more embarrassed, after the host, too, seems to be some see not bottom go to, take the initiative to ask whether there is work to be busy so lay to logoff, wasn’t lay outside the innocent looked up at the screen’s agent,He said he could stay a few more minutes.In the next few minutes, the host took the initiative to put questions about Gu. He rarely asked Zhang Yixing again. For the second time, he took the initiative to ask if He was busy with his work.The camera shows Zhang Yixing squinting awake at the screen, not looking like he has work coming up, but eventually shutting down the live stream as well.As a matter of fact, two stars zhang Yixing and Zhang Ziyi joined Gu Ailing’s live broadcast at the beginning of its promotion on The 19th. Netizens complained at that time, saying that stars and athletes have no common language, and it would be better for athletes to live online, and there would be more professional discussions on sports.Zhang ziyi did not appear on the live broadcast, perhaps because of online discussion, and Zhang Yixing’s fan base initially said he would not participate either, for unspecified reasons at the time.But zhang Yixing still appeared on the live broadcast. Judging from netizens’ comments, zhang Yixing’s side got mostly bad reviews. He didn’t pay attention to the Winter Olympics, didn’t know the Olympic champions, and just recommended his own music.In fact, the live broadcast was indeed full of problems. At the beginning of the live broadcast, the host appeared in a hurry. It was only 10 minutes later that the live broadcast was delayed.After appearing, the host was also eager to go through the process, ignoring what Gu Said. He interrupted the chat several times, which was very unprofessional.In the end, I can only say that there are too many problems in this live broadcast. I did not prepare the content in advance, and the process was full of embarrassment, which wasted the attention of netizens and gu Ailing’s time.If there will be similar live broadcasts in the future, we still hope that the content can be prepared in all aspects in advance. As a person who wins glory for the country, the Olympic champion is worthy of our attention.