Grade one construction division enter oneself for an examination what condition and course have

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First-level construction engineer registration requirements: candidates must have obtained college degree or above candidates, majors must be engineering or engineering economics, but also to meet the corresponding requirements of working years, three are indispensable.A construction examination subjects: a total of four, respectively: “construction engineering project management”, “professional engineering management and practice”, “construction engineering economy” and “construction engineering laws and regulations and relevant knowledge”.1. Class A construction division registration conditions class A construction division registration conditions of the restrictions are more strict, first of all, the candidates for the examination of the major must be engineering major or engineering economy major can be registered for an examination, next, there are educational background and the requirements of the number of years of work.College degree candidates who meet the professional requirements should have worked for at least six years and have four years of relevant working experience.Candidates with a bachelor’s degree should have worked for at least four years with three years of relevant experience;Candidates who have obtained a qualified double bachelor’s degree in their major, or who have graduated from a graduate program, should have worked for at least three years with two years of relevant work experience;Master degree candidates, working for at least two years, with one year of relevant working experience;For master’s degree candidates, the requirement for work experience is much lower, and only one year of relevant work experience is required.Do not enter oneself for an examination nevertheless the requirement to record of formal schooling among the conditions, must be full-time examinee without restriction actually, no matter be full-time examinee or not full-time examinee, want record of formal schooling, major, working fixed number of year to accord with a requirement only, can undertake enter oneself for an examination according to actual situation.Click the small program button to download free test materials and highlights of the first class construction engineer
2. First-class Construction engineer Examination subjects: There are four first-class construction engineer examination subjects, among which “Professional Engineering Management and Practice” belongs to the professional subject examination, and is divided into ten different professional categories. Candidates can register according to the actual situation.What grade one construction division examination result executes is rolling management method, two years is a cycle, examinee should pass all examination subject only in two years, can obtain corresponding certificate.The above has described in detail the registration requirements and examination subjects of the first-class construction engineer, if you want to get the certificate, and you also meet the requirements for the examination, quickly prepare for the examination!2022 class A construction division preparation training camp global network school a construction guide 9 yuan to buy a column