Gan Lijia: Ordinary post training “fire eyes”

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The traffic police team has always been a team that has a glorious tradition and fine style of work Not only has the epic heroism There are sinking, service of advanced typical at the grass-roots level Let us together to know the “ordinary” policewoman from ordinary positions – GanLiJia no grandiloquence, not like forensic police and criminals wits with thrilling,Only daily repetitive tedious work, and all kinds of documents, videos, data dealing.Although ordinary and “boring”, but Gan Lijia with practical actions to interpret the “people’s police for the people” oath.Because she knows that each work of the supervision center not only supervises and standardizes the business, but also concerns the interests of the masses. It is her responsibility and responsibility to do a good job in the supervision work.The driving management business Supervision center of Traffic Police Detachment of Nanning Public Security Bureau displays real-time monitoring pictures of more than ten different business places on the big screen.In front of a computer, Gan Lijia is concentrating on a vehicle inspection surveillance video, check whether there are violations of the operation of the scene, you can see at a glance.Gan Lijia, who joined the public security work in 2004, is now in charge of the police in the Vehicle driving Management Business Supervision Center of the Traffic Police Detachment. She is mainly responsible for abnormal business supervision of vehicle driving management, handling of public opinion letters and visits, and investigating and dealing with suspected vehicles.In accordance with the requirements of the reform of “delegating power, delegating power, delegating power and delegating power”, “wherever business operations are extended, supervision will follow.”Gan Lijia led the police and assistant staff of the supervision center to actively explore new supervision mode, and implemented multi-dimensional and full-coverage supervision on the city’s vehicle driving management business by innovating the application of supervision means of big data and information technology.Since 2020, Gan Lijia has organized members of the Supervision Center to identify potential regulatory loopholes in the work of various vehicle management business outlets through data analysis and participate in the establishment of multiple supervision models.Timely detection of a number of illegal cases, and targeted strikes, to help the people involved, enterprises to recover a large number of economic losses, lawbreakers played a great deterrent effect.At the same time, 88 vehicles with forged certificates of quality, import certificates of goods, release materials, robbery and fraud, smuggling vehicles, illegal modification, large tons and small standards, and wrong models were discovered and seized.One of the forgery certificate case has been transferred to the criminal investigation department to forge the company seal crime investigation.Among the established supervision models, “Violation monitoring model of large key vehicles controlled by reduction” and “Identification model of false registration data” won the third prize in 2020 National Public Security Traffic Management Big Data Modeling Competition.”After the vehicle was stolen and robbed, three consecutive inspection cycles without annual inspection were forced to cancel, and now the car is back what to do?””The DMV has taken this into account.You can apply for restoration with the following documents: 1. Relevant technical appraisal certificate.2. Filing receipt and return certificate of public security organs.3. Identification of the owner.”This is just an epitome of Gan Lijia earnestly performing her duties and actively helping the masses to solve their problems.Since taking office, Gan Lijia has always maintained a clean and self-disciplined style, standardized law enforcement and enthusiastic service for the police of the Vehicle management Department of the Public Security Bureau, and combed her good image.Optimizing services is the ultimate goal of deepening the reform of “delegating power, delegating power, improving regulation and providing services”.Due to her earnest and meticulous work, gan Lijia did not have any deniability or delay in handling the letters and visits transferred by her superiors, nor did she have any complaints caused by wrong answers.Over the past year, she has been responsible for investigating and responding to 756 letters and visits transferred from superior departments through supervision channels such as “director’s mailbox”, “mayor’s hotline”, “captain’s hotline” and “branch leader’s hotline”.In 2020, Gan Lijia compiled and published 46 notices on supervision of vehicle driving management business.The increasing supervision force forces all vehicle management service outlets to pay attention to the problems found in the supervision notice, make timely self-inspection and rectification, take the initiative to improve service facilities, improve service attitude and improve service quality, so that the masses can personally experience the efficiency and convenience brought by the reform of “delegating control and service”.On September 22, 2020, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security held a national promotion meeting on deepening the reform of public security traffic control “Delegating control and serving” and the standardized construction of vehicle Management offices in Nanning to promote the experience and practice of comprehensive supervision of public security traffic management business in Nanning to the traffic police departments of the national public security.As the commentator of one of the on-site observation points, Gan Lijia often worked overtime to improve the display content, repeatedly rehearsed the explanation, and finally introduced the experience of “delegating, regulating and serving” of Nanning automobile management to the representatives of the whole country, which won the peer praise.On duty: Li Yanqin Source: Nanning Traffic police